V7 Keywords (7.0)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

Certain functions require you to add keywords to a name of a prim in the linkset, such as adding the keyword burn to a wheel prim to enable the burnout spin effect and burnout particles.

A prim can have multiple keywords. You can easily add and remove keywords from a prim simply by touching, using the MCH.

You may not need to use many (or any) keywords depending on your vehicle and what you are installing in it.

Upgrading from earlier ACS versions:

Keywords have changed from earlier versions. Many keywords, such as mesh are no longer needed.

Color and shine keywords, and light and hide/show keywords are now handled by the ColorSystem and LightSystem. Drop in the ACS v6-v7 Linkset Conversion Tool script to convert older color, shine, and light keywords to the new system. (Hide/Show groups will need to be manually recreated for the new Fixtures system.

New keywords are in place for triggering particles for exhaust, burnout and flight in the fully customizable full permission ParticleSystem.


You can manually edit the prim names, or use the keyword function on the MCH to add and remove keywords by touching prims.

Keywords are specified on the instructions pages for the various systems, such as ColorSystem, LightSystem, and ParticleSystem.

The Keywords

  • solid / wheel / tire any of these three keywords will set a prim shape to convex hull, which makes it a solid surface. Vehicle tires (or wheels if one piece wheel/tire combos) need this keyword if you are allowing ACS to set up your prim shapes automatically. If you are a builder that prefers to set your prim shapes by hand, see this.
  • exh / fly / track / wake / burn are used by ParticleSystem for generating particles from prims under certain circumstances

Things to Know

  • The root prim is not for keywords, the name of the root is the name of your vehicle. In a high prim/mesh build, the root prim is always solid/convex hull. (SL does this, it is not an ACS function).
  • You should remove any unintended keywords from prim names. For example, you may have an exhaust pipe sculpted prim with exhaust in the prim name, even though the actual exhaust is supposed to be emanating from an invisible guide prim.

skip keyword

The skip keyword in a prim name will opt-out that particular link/prim from the ACS link tracking system. This allows you to use third-party add-on scripts for specific prims that use the prim description field for data storage. The side effect is that you will not be able to use that particular prim with many ACS add-on systems, specifically ColorSystem, LightSystem, Fixtures, KCPaint, and PaintJob. Other prim functions should continue to work fine.

trunk keyword

The trunk keyword changes the sound set assignment for DoorSystem prims, as specified in the v7 Root Settings. Recorded door scripts by default use the DoorOpen and DoorClosed sound assignments. The trunk keyword in the prim name changes the prim sound response to the TrunkOpen and TrunkClosed sounds.

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