V7 Camera

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

ACS provides a built in menu-adjustable camera systems for the driver and each passenger.

You can access the driver Camera menu while seated from the vehicle Options menu.

Passengers can access their camera settings by touching their Passenger Prim for the passenger menu.

The driver has access to a special camera called the SportCam, which is a very stable camera that is equivalent to a mouselook camera. The driver can switch between the SportCam and regular SL FollowCam by selecting CamType from the Camera, More Cam menu.

Drivers and passengers can store and recall three presets for the FollowCam and drivers can store three presets for the SportCam.

Loading and saving of the camera presets is done from the Camera menu and presets can also be loaded using the Driver HUD.

Many FollowCam camera settings do not appear until the vehicle is in motion, and the camera moves into position. SportCam settings cannot be changed in real-time, after making menu adjustments you will have to stand up and sit back down to see the SportCam adjustments.

The option is also available to you to disable the built-in adjustable camera system and directly edit camera settings in the Root Settings. See FixedCam.

Upgrading from earlier ACS versions:

Aside from the new FixedCam option, the built-in camera system has had a feature upgrade that will let you more accurately re-create your favorite camera for ACS through the menu by adding in the missing setting for CAMERA_FOCUS_LAG.

Also, swapping between FollowCam and SportCam is now done through the More Cam menu by selecting Cam Type. You no longer have to choose between the camera types every time you click on Camera, the vehicle will take you directly to the adjust menu for the last-selected Cam Type.

FollowCam menu equivalent settings

Here are the equivalent camera adjust settings for the FollowCam:


Things to Know

If you prefer how the mouselook camera looks, simply turn on the SportCam from the Camera, More Cam menu and choosing Cam Type to swap between camera styles. This will give you the exact same steady camera style, plus you can adjust the height and offset.

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