V7 Drifter mod (BETA)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

The v7 Drifter mod is a stripped down ACS engine setup for automobile racing. It comes pre-set with a special CRX sound set created specifically for this mod.

The Drifter sacrifices some engine and transmission features to get a little bit of extra control response performance. This will be most noticeable with driving control at high speeds, especially in higher-lag situations.

The mod consists of replacements for the stock Engine, Root Settings, and Root Menu script. Your other main root scripts, Root Tools and Root Sit, are the same ones as the stock setups.

The difference between the v7 knife mod and the v7 Drifter is that the v7 knife uses a significantly different turning system.

In previous ACS versions, the Drifter mod had a more significant performance response edge over the stock ACS engine, however due to massive restructuring and streamlining of the ACS engine for v7, the performance difference between the stock ACS and Drifter is much less. (You should get better performance response from the v7 stock setup than the previous v5/v6 Drifter mod.) Still, a version of Drifter is being included with v7 for those that demanded it, whether it is worth the feature trade-off will be up to you. (The Drifter sound set and raw sound files are included so you can use them in your stock setup)

You can swap out your main root prim scripts for the Drifter versions, or inject the Drifter setup from the Mechanic HUD.

The Drifter mod does not have the following features: Flight Mode, Automatic Transmission, Cruise Control, Leveler, Mouselook, Wheelie Up/Down and Banking (lean). If you include a v7 Driver HUD with a distributed vehicle, you will want to remove those specific functions from the HUD, as the vehicle will not respond to controls issued to those features.

The v7 Drifter only uses the "Old School" E/C/PageUp/PageDown shifting style, which you will need to use anyhow to access the ShiftSlide.

All other features and add-on systems will function as normal as they do not affect the engine performance.

The Drifter come preloaded (in settings) with the CRX soundset created specifically for this mod. The CRX soundset is included as an additional ACS soundpack in case you wish to use it in another setup.

As with any setup, the default settings will need to be customized for best results, as the size and mass of every individual build is unique.

Because the Drifter menu has space open for the unused features, the Record and Return position functions are added to the Drifter menu in their place.

Upgrading from earlier ACS versions:

  • v7 Drifter is locked to the "Old School" E/C/PageUp/PageDown shifting style.
  • Mods can now be injected direct from the Mechanic HUD. The correct scripts for the mod are automatically injected. Injecting over an existing v7 set will replace those root scripts with the chosen setup.

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