V7 Drag mod (BETA)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

The Drag mod is replacement root prim scripts that convert the system into a drag-racing only configuration. Menus differ from the standard ACS menu to reflect the unique needs of drag racing system.

The drag racing transmission has four customizable gears;

  • reverse
  • 1) return,
  • 2) staging
  • 3) drag

The current drag racing gear can be stored in one of 12 class power presets, changeable from the Gearset menu.

Since each vehicle build is different, you will need to carefully adjust your drag gear to fit your vehicle build for the intended class of drag racing.

Return gear is your standard pit return speed gear, and staging is for gently staging the vehicle at the starting line. Switching into drag gear will auto race-align the vehicle and record the race start position which can be returned to by selecting Ret Start from the menu.

The vehicle is shifted using the E/C or PageUp/PageDown keys only.

SHIFT+Left Arrow or SHIFT+Right Arrow will scoot the vehicle sideways slightly for precise starting line positioning. Standard key controls are retained for the recover function.

By default, gear 1 (return gear) is faster than gear 2 (staging), but you can easily change the gear powers for reverse through staging from the Controls menu, where you can also name the current class.

If a Burnout is engaged, it will automatically turn off once you press forward while in Drag gear.

The Drag system is intended for HUD-Free usage, with the engine rev function added to the main menu, though you can still use the driver HUD as well. Record position and return position have also been placed on the main vehicle menu for easy access and HUD-free operation.

The drag mode will work in cars or motorcycles, but does not bank motorcycles on turns as there are (usually) no turns in drag racing.

The Drag mod does not have the following features and settings: Flight Mode, Automatic Transmission, Cruise Control, Leveler, Mouselook, Wheelie Up/Down, Banking, Turn Bonus, VelMult, Turbo, StartingGear, AutoDropToFirst, Boat Mode, Amphibian Mode. If you include a v7 Driver HUD with a distributed vehicle, you will want to remove those specific functions from the HUD, as the vehicle will not respond to controls issued to those features.

Position record & Return

The v7 Drag mod has two sets of positions it can record and return the vehicle to.

The main menu allows you to record a position with the Record function, and select Return to return to that position.

A secondary start position is automatically recorded when you shift the vehicle into the drag gear and the vehicle automatically does a race align to the nearest 90 degree direction. Choosing Ret Start will return you to the start position.


Like with other ACS mod packs (v7 knife, v7 Mariner, v7 Drifter you simply swap out your existing ACS root prim scripts for the ones required for the mod. The drag mod replaces the Engine, Root Settings, Root Menu and Root Tools and uses your standard Root Sit (You must add your Root Sit script and an animation to the vehicle root). Don't forget to set the permissions on the scripts and reboot the vehicle!


While the vehicle is designed to be completely customizable via the menu system including the class (drag gear) values and names, you can optionally pre-set the default class powers and names directly in the script at the top of the Root Settings Drag script.

At the top of the Root Settings Drag are two lists.

Init_List_Class is the values for the drag gear classes.

list    Init_List_Class =       [100,200,300,400,500,600,100,200,300,400,500,600];

Init_Class_Names are the corresponding class names in order. Reccomend the names be 12 characters or less to fully display in the vehicle menu.

list    Init_Class_Names =      ["Class 1","Class 2","Class 3","Class 4","Class 5","Class 6","Class 7","Class 8","Class 9","Class 10","Class 11","Class 12"];

Upgrading from earlier ACS versions:

Operation should be identical to the v6 Drag/DSR mod. v7 adds the secondary race start and return positions.

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