Updating from v5 to v6

You can keep your v5 Park Routine/Turning only if the resizer is de-activated/not in use. Otherwise there will be a conflict as the resizer is located in the main root scripts in v6.

You will need to remove the Root Camera (and any passenger cams from passenger prims) as the camera functions are incorporated into the other root scripts

You can keep the older exhaust, brake light script, belt, chain, installed door systems.

Here is what you must replace in vehicle updated from v5+

In the root:
_ACSv6.0 Root Sit (you will need to re-install animations using the drop in keyword method, see animations )
_ACSv6.0 Engine
_ACSv6.0 Root Tools
_ACSv6.0 Root Settings
_ACSv6.0 Root Menu

Passenger prims need the new Passenger Prim script and old scripts removed.

Any scripted wheels need the new v6 versions.

Custom Burnout Particles scripts should be replaced with the v6 version.

PARK & RESIZER/ANIMATOR scripts have been replaced with the new Prim Control system.

Alarm Flasher and any vibrator scripts can stay, as they are identical to v5.

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