Updating To V7 (BETA)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

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v7 Beta C: Wide-release beta for general script owner's group does not contain absolutely everything. Additional v7 stuff will be released over time. This documentation is still in development and incomplete.

The v7 version of ACS is a complete system rebuild. Updating a vehicle from previous versions requires you to replace all scripts with v7 versions.

Basic set up and installation is not all that different from older versions. Keywords for animations and sounds and ACS sound pack compatibility remain the same.

In previous versions of ACS, many custom settings were changed at the top of different scripts. In v7 these have all been combined into the full permission Root Settings script, so it should be easier to know where to make changes.

An all new proprietary automatic link-coding system is stored in non-root link descriptions. This allows vastly improved tracking of links on linkset changes and the carrying over prim-face assignments for lights and graphics systems when passing prims between different builds. (individual prims can be opted out via keyword).

You will find many new features, a lot of improved function speed, as well as fixes for old quirks and bugs.

Mesh Prim Faces

All v7 scripts are built for handling multi-face mesh prims.

ACS was originally designed for use for vehicles during pre-mesh vehicle limitations and while mesh compatibility and functions were added in starting with v5, the integrated lighting and graphics systems were not equipped to easily take full advantage of multi-faced mesh prims. Scripting requirements for handling 32 single-face sculpty prims (32 data points) are significantly different than the possibilities of a 256 prim mesh linkset (8 faces * 256 links: 2048 data points).

For differentiating between and assigning the eight different prim faces possible for mesh for graphics and light systems, manually entering keywords for those systems, especially on larger linksets becomes complicated, hence the development of new touch-select setup features for v7 that allow you a simple way to select prim faces or groups of prim faces for assigning to different lights or v7-graphics functions.

Script consolidation

v7 still uses five basic root prim scripts as with v6 (Engine, Root Menu, Root Settings, Root Tools & Root Sit), although you can reduce this to only four and drop the multi-animation Root Sit by using the new Basic Sit function instead.

Many functions that previously required individual scripts in different prims such as lights, doors, and customized particles] now use a single root prim script instead to control the function in all prims.

This means that while there may be more scripts in the root prim, the overall script count is lower in most cases. v7 scripts are also memory capped so multiple v7 scripts combined may still have a lower reserved script memory profile than a single older ACS script.


v7 does require individual wheel scripts. v7 wheels have several new performance improvements and features including camber and steering angle adjustment. For multiple reasons the older limited-use v6 scriptless wheels system has been dropped for now, but may return in the future.

HUDs, API and Customization

The v7 Driver HUD is revamped to be as customizable as possible, so that you can create your own entirely custom HUD or vastly modify the v7 Driver HUD to meet the specific needs of your vehicle. An optional digital menu system (configured via notecard) is included.

The assignable HUD commands can also be used by the new Gesture Control system to assign desired functions to function keys.

Documentation of API link messages is in progress for advanced builders and scripters who wish to interact directly with the system.

Script Injection

Script Injection with the Mechanic HUD is simplified for v7, and allows injection of different mod packs. See the injection page for important differences from earlier ACS versions.

New Features

Most of v7 is re-implementation of v6 and older features with the goal of improved performance, easier setup, and lower total script overhead, and taking advantage of the latest changes in SL/LSL. You should find v7 superior to previous versions because of this.

However there are some distinctly new "fun" features as well, which may also motivate you to update.

  • Special new style of mouselook mode for the v7 Mariner mod.
  • New accessories for automobiles including power windows and windshield wipers.


  • Prim Control (park routine) is now the TurnSystem.
  • Many functions such as lights and doors no longer require scripts in specific prims but only the addition of a single script in the root.
  • The +Mechanic Tool+ script is no transfer. Remove it from your vehicle before you can distribute the vehicle.
  • Menu and Engine scripts are no longer full permission in v7. All main settings (and some new ones) have been moved to the Root Settings script. It is unfortunate and regrettable that I have to further restrict the permissions, but I tire of having to track down illegal code resellers in SL and those trading and selling my code off-world.

The only difference between the Stock Car and Stock Bike installs is different presets in the Root Settings. Otherwise, the scripts are identical.

Overview of some of the Changes from v6

  • Lights such as headlights now require the additional LightSystem script in the root prim, however you no longer need separate scripts for brake lights, indicators, running lights, etc. New lights have been added, such as reverse lights, interior lights, and even flashing flight mode lights.
  • Mesh/Legacy prim detection for the linkset is now fully automatic and no longer requires a mesh keyword for linksets with mesh under 32 prims. You will still need to define solid/convex hull prims with keywords. You can disable the automatic prim shapes/physics by setting ManualPrimShapes to TRUE in the Root Settings.
  • You can directly edit your own camera settings again using the FixedCam option.
  • New Basic Sit gives you the option of using a built in single driver sit from the Root Settings and leaving out the multi-animation Root Sit script altogether.
  • TurnSystem replaces Prim Control with a single root prim script, faster response, and more modes.
  • New built-in combat key control option for interfacing with systems like VICE or K-Damage.
  • New Driver HUD system and compatibility with v6 Driver HUD systems
  • Revamped steering control eliminates the old spinning-in-place issues.
  • New Helicopter variable patches the vehicle directly into flight mode for aerial vehicles without needing to set up the patch used in v6. Bugs and quirks relating to the older patch have been fixed.
  • New sound assignments for accessories have been moved or added to the Root Settings. ACS Sound Packs are still compatible with v7.
  • DownForce setting restored, available from Gravity menu under controls.
  • Return Position now uses newly available and superior teleport commands
  • Expanded the automatic memory limit optimization on scripts to maintain the lowest possible script memory usage.
  • Separate power settings for Wheelie/Nose Up and Nose Down, these two controls no longer share the single power setting.
  • Repaired Nitrous Boost key control sound bug
  • Fully rebuilt Automatic Transmission system!

  • Prim keyword for automatic prim shapes no longer included, due to SL bug that generates an error when setting this at the script level. If you are attempting to mix prims set to prim shape with other prim shapes in the linkset, you will need to disable the automatic prim shape system with ManualPrimShapes in the Root Settings and set your prim shapes by hand.

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