Turning Map Swapper

This script allows a prim to swap sculpt maps inside a prim when vehicle turns. It can set the prim it is in to three different maps, left, right and center/normal.

Put the TURNING MAP SWAPPER script in the prim that will be animated.

One at a time you will add your sculpt maps to the prim, you can rename them before or after but the one for right turn must have RIGHT somewhere in the name, the one for left turn must have LEFT somewhere in the name, and the one for normal/center must have CENTER in the name.

Once the script sees an appropriately named map inside the prim, it will read in the UUID then delete the map from the prim.

You must have full permissions yourself on the map, as the creator or as a purchaser. The map itself is removed so it need not be distributed with the vehicle.

To change a map after installing it, simply drop in another one that is appropriately named. The script won't do anything until it has read a couple maps in. It will operate with only two, so you don't for example, need the CENTER map.

It's usefulness is questionable.