Turning Indicators
  • Placing these scripts in prims will cause those prims to light up and blink when turning the vehicle in the specified left or right direction.
  • In SL, light attributes affect an entire prim face, and sculpted prims are comprised of a single face, so unfortunately you cannot use these in sculpted prims combining multiple light surfaces. Short story is, these require a prim each to function properly, but by using Over 32 Prim Mode this isn't as big of a deal as it used to be.
  • There is also special package included in the Additional Scripts box called the Prim Indicators Kit that uses different face of various non-sculpted prims to create multiple lights in a single prim.
  • Use the BALANCE TO OPPOSITE function on the Mechanic HUD to evenly space indicator prims on either side of your root.
  • in ACSv6 you can add a non-looping indicator click sound uuid at the top of the indicator script.