Turning Front End

Using the Prim Control scripts you can set up a Turning Front End for your motorcycle, but you can also do animate other prims for other reasons such as a steering wheel, boat rudders, propeller, etc.

ACSv6 Instructions

  1. Place in the root the Prim Control Main script and Prim Control Turning. If you vehicle is more than 128 individual prims you will need to add the additional high prim versions
  2. For Any front rims/tires/combination wheel in prims that reposition for a turning front end, the spinning stuff requires the Turning Front End Bike Wheel script. Add it to the front wheel prims while the wheels are in normal position!
  3. Record LEFT and RIGHT turning positions for your front end prims using the +Prim Control Setup Tool+ or the Mechanic HUD, just as if you were recording your PARK mode.
  4. Depending on how severe your front turn angle is, you may want to add an invisible shield prim to prevent repositioning front end components from actually repositioning into the ground (Shield must be set to solid if using high prim/mesh mode)
  5. Optionally assign and activate left-right turning animations so avatar hands match the handlebar positions.

After setting up, your vehicle owner can now also choose to disable or enable the front end turning (and any accompanying left/right poses) from the > Extras menu. Just in case they wish to turn it off in high lag areas or for racing.