I never got the group invite!

No, you were not being ignored, chances are I sent it and you weren't online, they do not always come through in that situation or sometimes when SL is just acting up. I send out invites daily and they are done by me by hand and are not automatic. It is a fairly common occurrence, so do not hesitate to IM me or send a notecard to me if I am not online and I will re-send the invite asap.

Vehicle lifts up when sat on.

If your vehicle lifts up when sat on, your pose bounding box is likely to blame. Raise the sit height and see if the vehicle still lifts.

See this video: Avoiding problems with Second Life vehicle poses

Scripts do not work

Symptoms include: No pop-up menu when touching the vehicle.

Check the permissions have been set on the scripts inside the root prim, and reboot the vehicle.

Sometimes the scripts become set to non-running state in inventory or due to other SL quirk. If you remove scripts directly from the Mechanic HUD and do not inject them directly, they will be turned off as they are stored inside the HUD turned off until they are injected. Select the entire vehicle and choose Set Scripts to Running in Selection to turn on any scripts that are not running.

Other reasons scripts may not work:

If you made changes to an editable script directly in inventory and saved it, it will not properly compile if it is not a very small script (less than 16k - most editable ACS scripts are larger than this). It will become scrambled and you will need to use a fresh copy. Save changes to scripts directly inside your vehicle or other in-world object, not in inventory.

A less common problem is having Preprocessing Enabled in your viewer. Make sure to turn off Enable Preprocessing in your viewer if you have turned it on. This will scramble the scripts when you save them if it is turned on.

Illegally trying to load scripts error - Task 'ACSvX.XX Mechanic HUD' trying to illegally load script onto task 'xxxx'!

This occurs when attempting script injection a prim that has not had script injection setup run on it. That means you have not run (or completed) injection setup on the vehicle (or prims which you have added later.) Unfortunately due to SL limitations on script injection, injection cannot occur until the setup has been run. You may find it just faster to place the script directly inside the prims by hand. Root prim scripts will always inject because the Mechanic Tool prepares the root prim for injection when you place it inside.

See Script Injection

ERROR: Failed to set physics shape type. Unexpected behavior may result.

On certain mesh parts you may get this error when the scripts are reset/rebooted as the vehicle initially scans and sets up the physics based on keyword. This will not affect vehicle operation as the error occurs before the script has finished scanning and setting the linkset.

To bypass this error in v6 or lower, remove the "prim" keyword from link names. Mixing the PRIM_SHAPE_PRIM with other prim shapes at the scripting level causes this.

Steering is too sensitive even when turning down the steering value

There are additional steering forces that can be adjusted.

In ACS v6 you will want to turn down the Turn Bonus from the > Controls menu. You can also code this directly into the v6 Root Settings script.

In ACS v5/v4 the Turn_Bonus value must be manually adjusted in the Engine script. In the v5+ engine you should find the Turn_Bonus around line 46 of the Engine script.

Vehicle drives sideways

You must set the correct alignment of your root prim.

Car leans / banks like a motorcycle

From the > Options, > Controls, > Banking menu, adjust Banking to zero (or press Zero Bank).

You can also choose to set this value directly in the Root Settings script, around line 32 look for the Init_Lev_Bank value and set it to zero.

Vehicle lift up on nitrous boost keys

Your nitrous keys are re-assigned to a special recover mode. You can assign them back to nitrous boost from the > Options, >Advanced menu by selecting NOS/Recvr

Mechanic HUD won't connect

Try a combination of these and your Mechanic HUD will connect back to the vehicle again:

  • Make sure the green graphic says DISCONNECTED at the top of the Mechanic HUD by clicking on the word CONNECTED.
  • Reboot bike
  • Re-rez bike
  • Detatch/re-attach Mechanic HUD.

Mechanic HUD gave error and stopped working!

Remove and delete that copy of the Mechanic HUD. Re-rez your original script box and retrieve another copy of the Mechanic HUD. That one will work.

Vehicle sinks into the ground

In high prim / mesh mode if you have not set up the solid/convex hull keywords on your tire or ground surface prims, the vehicle will sink until it contacts the root prim. After changing keywords you must reboot the vehicle so it will scan the linkset and detect any keyword changes. 

Vehicle sinks into the ground when exiting

This is the Park_Offset setting on line 49 of your v5.1 Engine script. Set this to 0.0 for no sinking into the ground on exit.

Cannot change gears with keyboard

There's two different gear shifting key assignments available, you can toggle between them from the >Options, >Advanced menu using Shift Style.

To drive in reverse, you will need to select reverse gear.

Motorcycle leans at wrong angle when parking.

If you don't start at at zero x,y,z rotation when you record the park routine, your lean on park will be in the wrong direction. To fix, simply set the vehicle to zero rotation, then from the Mechanic HUD or +Prim Control Setup Tool+ choose Test Park, correct the lean angle, then Record Park again.

Vehicle is too bouncy

See controlling bounce

Exceeded physics when linking in my tires

See Mesh Tricks

Cannot Find Headlight Script

There is no headlight script. Any prim with the keywords light in the name (except brake light) will respond to the light switch.
Light switch will not appear in the menu until the light keywords is added to a prim.

Cannot find park or resizer scripts

There are no individual park or resizer scripts for each prim, the resizer is built in to the root scripts (since v4.0).
Park prim scripts and resizer are handled by the Prim Control script.

Wheels spin sideways

If your wheels for some reason do not spin in the correct direction, unlink the prims, re-align them, and then link them back into the vehicle.

Scripts won't run

Double check that the permissions are set on scripts before they will operate. Easiest to do this while they are in inventory or inside your Mechanic HUD, so you do not have to do this every time.

Sometimes the scripts are just confused upon installation and have not synced up properly. You can select the vehicle and do a Reset All Scripts In Selection from your viewer menu. This often will fix everything.

Vehicle is too slow

You will need to adjust gear power to fit your build, as every vehicle is a different size and shape, SL physics will affect it differently. Adjust your gear power from the > Controls menu or adjust it in the script itself

Bike leans while driving

Try turning down your gravity setting

Belt or Chain animates sideways

Texture animation in SL moves the original texture file sideways on the original graphic file, no matter how it is oriented/rotated on the prim. If your belt or chain texture moves sideways, you must save it to local disk, rotate it 90 degrees, then re-upload it. If you do not have the texture file, try asking the original creator to rotate it 90 degrees so that you can animate it with a script.

Just think of it as scrolling the original texture sideways (and at 1:1 horizontal/vertical repetitions). This isn't to do with the script, it is just how texture animation works in SL. Any smoothly animating texture, the original graphic file must be oriented to slide left/right, be it belt, chain, tire tread, or anything else. You can rotate it once its on a prim to any angle, but it will still animate in the sideways direction of the original file.