• Always reboot the bike after making changes, from the >Options >Advanced menu. This allows the scripts to connect and scan the vehicle prims for keywords.
  • To give your vehicle MODIFY permissions for the next owner, pick it up and right click it in inventory and check MODIFY. Without re-rezzing, pass this one to the customer (box it, merchant outbox etc). It will still display as (no modify) in inventory but the next owner will be able to edit the prims or add/remove contents.
  • Place the Driver HUD in the vehicle root, and it will be available from the menu after you reboot. You should set the Driver HUD to have transfer permissions for the next owner's guest riders.
  • Add a custom HELP notecard to the bike's root, a notecard with "help" in the name. It will be available from the menu after you reboot. As with any notecard, you can attach landmarks, pictures, etc.
  • Updates are FREE, stay in the Script Owner's Group or ask for an invite if you missed it. All script purchasers are recorded, so I have you on file, just let me know if you need an invite again.
  • Different vehicles will respond to the same settings in their own manner as everything from the size and mass of the vehicle, position and size of the root prim will affect handling. You will likely need to adjust the stock settings for your build.
  • Use a matching set of animations, so that you can enable Single Position mode and make adjusting the animation position much simpler for vehicle owners.
  • To completely turn off a default sound, set the UUID for that sound to blank in the Root Settings. You can also use a UUID for complete silence: db2d3e73-b9c7-db92-d14f-0b68b0fa809a