Texture Animation Wheels Scripts

Standard ACS wheels use llTargetOmega() rotation style to make wheel prims appear to rotate in the viewer. llTargetOmega() rotation in Second Life is not quite a perfect function in LSL, and for standard Pivoting Wheel requires a little trickery at the script level and can result in odd side-effects due to lag.

Older SL vehicles use LSL texture animation for wheel scripts (which has its own set of quirks) such as you would find in old freebie scripts. Texture animated prims do not actually rotate, the texture slides or spins across the prim to simulate rotation. Texture animation does not work at all for things like detailed sculpted or mesh rims, but it does have some uses and fans.

I set up this set of ACS wheel scripts that use good old fashion texture animation instead of llTargetOmega(). Mainly as an option to replace the Pivoting Wheel in high speed racing vehicles for those that prefer. Some builders already use the texture animation Chain Drive script for similar purposes, but this set has pivoting versions that auto-align and steer like the standard Pivoting Wheel scripts, but use texture animation instead. Also included are matching non-steering wheel scripts included for rear wheels and matching spin rate.

As with the other wheel scripts and built in scriptless wheels system, you can adjust the spin rate via the Spin_Rate variable at the top of the Root Settings, and the wheels also respond to reverse gear.

A few variations are included:

Pivoting Texture Wheel - steerable front car wheel, looping texture
Texture Wheel - non-steering wheel, looping texture

Rotate versions rotate the texture animation instead of looping, for using rim textures on prim cylinder ends.
Opp (Opposite) versions reverse the animation direction
(Inverse) versions steer/pivot counter to the steering controls, for rear-wheel turning systems, etc

Setting up texture animation on wheels can be annoying, but these are provided for users that wanted ACS versions, here they are. Be sure to remove the spin keyword from your wheel prims to turn off the built-in scriptless wheels system or llTargetOmega() will still be applied to non-pivoting scripted wheel prims.

Don't forget to set the permissions on these to activate, and reboot your vehicle after installing.