Terms of Sale

The KCP/ACS scripts are protected under copyright for both the literal code as well as under U.S. copyright law, program structure and design. The registered ownership license is granted by me to the purchaser, or gift recipient if purchased as a gift.

Only registered owners may distribute vehicles (or other objects) from their avatar or via their Marketplace account, using all or portions of the ACS scripts as long as permissions on the scripts are set to no transfer and no modify. Accompanying elements from the ACS script packages including sounds and animations must be set to no transfer. Exceptions are permitted when specified, such as for Driver HUD, KCPaint HUD and help notecards. If your avatar is distributing vehicles with KCP ACS scripts inside it, your avatar must be on the registered owner list.

Resale of any portion of the KCP/ACS scripts, or export from the SL grid without a specific unique licensing agreement with me is prohibited. Owner's Group membership, as well as access and license to use updates are at my sole discretion and not a guarantee of purchase.

You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software. The developer will not be liable for damages, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential, as a result of the use, reproduction, distribution or any other use of ACS.

I am no longer transferring registrations between avatars. The avatar you purchased for will remain the registered owner, which is pretty standard in SL for high end building tools.

These terms are subject to change.