KCP Temp Rezzer 3.6 Kit

Located in your Additional Scripts box

The KCP Temp Rezzer will rez a bike for use by whomever, provided the bike is either unlocked or set to rez in "Demo" mode.
It is activated by touching. If there is already a bike rezzed, the rezzer will delete the existing bike and rez a new one.

To set the bike to rez in unlocked demo mode, change the setting at the top of the Menu script: "Demo_Mode = TRUE" and reboot the bike.

The KCP Bike Rezzer allows you to adjust the position of where the bike rezzes from the owner-only menu. Anyone other than you that clicks on the rezzer will not see this menu.

The "KCP Temp Rezzer 3.6" script is in the included KCP Bike Rezzer. You can copy the script to your inventory and place it in your own rezzer.


If using a vehicle with ACS v5.1 or newer, you can simply place a copy of the vehicle it into the rezzer, no additional setup script needed. It is important that you set the vehicle to Unlocked or Demo Mode first so that somebody can ride it.

1. Rez a copy of the vehicle and set it to temporary
2. Pick it up and place it in the rezzer.

For most purposes you will want to set the vehicle to Temporary before placing it in the rezzer. Select the vehicle and choose Edit, and under the Object tab you can check temporary. Quickly pick it up and place that temporary copy in the rezzer.

For older versions/other vehicles:

You must add ONE of the three "KCP_TR" Bike Root scripts to a demo bike and before placing it in the Bike Rezzer. Be sure to either unlock the bike OR set it to Demo Mode, or nobody will be able to ride it other than you. If you do not add one of these scripts, the rezzer will continue to rez bikes on top of each other. You MUST add one of the three scripts listed below to the bike before placing it into the rezzer:

"KCP_TR Temp Bike Root" - This script will rez the bike as temporary. This means it will vanish after about a minute or so, unless somebody sits on the bike, then it will not disappear until they get off the bike. This will not count against any prim limits as it is a temporary object.

"KCP_TR Temp On Sit Bike Root" - This script will rez the bike NON temporary. It will STAY rezzed until somebody sits on it, THEN it will turn temporary, which means it will disappear only after the get off the bike. It will still disappear when somebody clicks the Bike Rezzer and rez another one.

"KCP_TR 5 Minue Demo Bike Root" - This rezzes a non-temporary bike. After somebody sits on it, it will disappear after 5 minutes, whether they are riding it or not.

Place ONE of those three scripts into your bike, make sure the bike is unlocked or in demo mode, take it back into inventory and place it into the rezzer.

  • You can place MORE than one bike in the vendor. Every time the vendor is clicked it will cycle to the next bike, but there is only one adjustable rez position.
  • You can place the Bike Rezzers next to each other, they run on different channels so de-rezzing a bike on one will not affect another rezzer.
  • I wrote these scripts and will update the rezzer system in future KCP Chopper Script upgrade packs. Feel free to ask me for help with setup or in the Script Owner's Group