> Steering Menu

Located in the > Controls menu

Here ( and the > More selection) is where to adjust steering, VelMult, Turn Bonus, Drift and Resist values

Steering - the main power applied to the vehicle for turning.

VelMult is an extreme powered steering booster that is scaled by velocity. It is mostly used for larger vehicles. A small setting such as 0.1 can give an average vehicle an additional steering advantage at higher speeds. Over 0.2 and it will probably cease to be useful, and can cause your vehicle to whip/jump around uncontrollable. VelMult should be turned off compltely for tiny vehicles.

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Drift adjusts the amount of sideways slide on corners.

Bonus is an additional steering power that increases the longer you hold the control key. A very low amount can be helpful for high speed handling. May want to set to 0 for tiny vehicles.

Resist this works like a kind of friction for the turning rotation axis. Adjust this if your vehicle oversteers or does not steer enough after adjusting steering and Bonus