ACS Sounds v6/v7

ACS has two built-in customizable sound sets. These can be switched from the menu under >Options, > Advanced, > Sounds.

ACS comes with two sets pre-defined by UUID, as well as other drop-in sound packs.

It is easy to customize the engine sounds with your own, either by using the Drop-In keyword method to assign them, or editing the Root Settings script.

Assign sounds by keyword drop-in (non-scripting method)

You can assign sounds to the vehicle and override the defaults, just by dropping appropriately named sound files in the vehicle root with the Mechanic Tool script in place. You can remove the Mechanic Tool when finished if you no longer need it in the vehicle. (You can also rename the sound directly in the vehicle)

_ACSv6 Note: Drop-in requires the _ACSv6 Root Sit to be in use.

Just rename the sound file to include the appropriate keyword:

  • idle - this loops when the engine is running but the vehicle is not in motion.
  • low - this loops when the engine is at low speed.
  • high - this loops when the vehicle is at high speed
  • dual - if you don't have a different sound for both high and low engine speeds, use the dual keyword to assign a single sound to both of those.
  • start - this plays when the engine first starts. Adjust the Start_Sound_Delay (see below) to give it time to finish playing before the engine kicks in if it is a longer sound.
  • stop - plays when the engine stops
  • revv - "rev" your engine. (triggered by Driver HUD). Note the two letter v at the end revv, to avoid keyword confusion with reverse
  • reverse - loops when the vehicle is driving in reverse gear. (Not triggered in Arcade Reverse mode). If a reverse sound is not assigned, the vehicle reverts to the low engine sound.
  • horn - plays when the horn is triggered via menu or Driver HUD. Does not necessarily need to be a traditional horn sound effect, you can get creative here.
  • burn - the sound that loops during "burnout" routine.
  • skid - the sound that loops when skidding/braking around corners.
  • flight - the sound that loops during Flight Mode
  • gear - is triggered on manual gear change/gear shit.
  • drift - is assigned for CornerFX if enabled.

nitrous - is triggered using nitrous key combo (fwd+back arrow) if selected via NOS-Recover

NOTE: If you drop in and successfully assign full permission sound files, you can (and should) remove them from the vehicle after setup. This only works for sounds you have in your inventory that are full permission. Full permission sounds need not remain in the vehicle once assigned. No transfer sounds (used in your personal vehicle) must remain in the vehicle. Sounds that are no modify in your inventory may not comply with the required keywords, but if so they too must remain in the vehicle.

To remove a drop-in assigned sound, you must currently either replace it or reload a default sound set from the > Sounds menu.

Assign sounds directly in the script

Vehicle sound customization is done at the top of the Root Settings script. Sounds can be called directly by UUID key between quotes like this:

string          Sound_1_Horn =      "f5cab6f5-f8ff-40d5-c466-467f036be078";

Or, if you cannot get the sound UUID due to permissions, you can place the sound file itself inside the vehicle root prim and call it by name:

string          Sound_1_Horn =      "horn";

There is no difference in performance by calling the sound by UUID or name as either method still calls the UUID from the server. It is better to call sounds via UUID than clutter the root prim with sound files.
You do not need to customize ALL the sounds. Master volume level is set from the menu, but by default all sounds play at loudest setting.

How to get a UUID key for sounds and textures

Alarm sounds are set at the top of the Root Menu script.

Start Sound Delay

Around line 36 in the Engine you will see the Start_Sound_Delay variable. This is the time after the start sound is triggered before the engine sound begins. So, if your start sound is lengthy, you may want to set this to 1 or 2 seconds.

float           Start_Sound_Delay = 1;

Disabling / turning off sounds

The quick and easy way to do this is to replace some or all sound UUID's in the Root Settings script with a SILENT sound UUID such as:


Sound Packs

v6 & v7 are compatible with all previous ACS sound pack versions.

These additional pre-set sound packs set inside a small script can be added to your vehicle and then selected from the Sounds menu. The vehicleis designed to hold up to nine additional pre-set sound packs as well as the two sets customizable in your KCP Settings script.

You will need to set these to no transfer before they will show in your sounds menu, just add them to the vehicle and set the permissions.

_SP.ACS5 & _SP.Shvlhead are the default stock motorcycle sounds that come in the scripts. If you change the sounds in the KCP Settings script but wish to include either of the original sets as an option, then add these.

_SP.ACS_SC is the v7 stock car sound set.

_SP.Racer is a set from some sounds donated by Silverpup Howley.

_SP.KCP_Stock is the original classic pre-v5 motorcycle soundset

_SP.Mariner is a power boat sound set

_SP.Drag, _SP.Knife,_SP.CRX_Drifter are car sound sets for the sounds pre-loaded into mods.

At my shop in-world, you can buy my Ninja and Triumph 500 sound packs. My R-Engine Kit and Tets Bike kit also come with sound packs.

If you want to make your own custom sound pack to drop in your ACS install (v4+ up to currrent), contact me for the script.