ACS Quick Setup

If you are new to vehicle building in Second Life, it is important to understand what a root prim is in an object linkset.

See this video to understand Root Prims in Second Life

The instructions below assume correct root prim alignment. If not, you will probably be driving sideways or upside down.

Before the ACS scripts will operate, you must set the permissions to no modify and no transfer on the individual scripts. It's best to do this in your inventory or the original packaging (or Mechanic HUD if you are injecting), so that you do not need to set them every time.

It's also important to know that if you make changes to the scripts, do not edit or save them directly into your avatar inventory, or they will not compile. You must edit/save them in a vehicle (or any prim) directly. Then you can copy your edited versions back to your inventory for safekeeping.

Do not be overwhelmed by the script options and features. The following four-step install will get you up and running. You can dive into other options if you need them.

ACS Install
  1. Place scripts from Root Prim Scripts box into your vehicle's root prim along with at least one animation file.
  2. Name your wheel prims to include the keywords spin and headlight prim(s) to include the keywords light and maybe install an extra script in other prims from the Non Root Prim Scripts box such as a brake light or exhaust.
  3. If permissions are set properly on the scripts, and at least one animation is in the root, the vehicle is ready to drive. Reboot the vehicle from its menu, give it a couple seconds and then and drive.
  4. From the vehicle menu choose > Position and adjust the seating position.

That's it. You can add more options as you need them. If your vehicle contains mesh parts, make sure the mesh keyword is added to one of the prim names in the linkset so the script knows to use mesh physics settings.

If you want to connect the Mechanic HUD for advanced functions, you can drop in the +Mechanic Tool Script+, and then while wearing the HUD, touch the vehicle to connect it.

See Root Prim Scripts for master list of required and optional root prim scripts.

  • It is wise to get the basic vehicle up and driving around before you start adding on extras.
  • Get in the habit of taking up backup copies in case something goes wrong.

CARS: Extra Steps for a vehicle with pivoting/steering front wheels
  1. Insert the Pivoting Wheel script inside your front wheel prims (set the permissions on them)
  2. From the > Options, > Controls, > Banking menu, adjust Banking to zero (or press Zero Bank).

BOATS: setup for boats
  • To use your vehicle as a boat, at the top of the Root Settings script you must set the B_Mode parameter to TRUE. See the article on additional settings for boats.
  • You will likely prefer to use the included Mariner engine mod for boats, as it uses a cruise-control system and introduces special new banking controls more suitable for boats than the standard ACS engine.

MOD PACKS: installing mods

Mod packs are specially designed versions of certain ACS root prim scripts for other vehicle behaviors. You simply swap out some of your standard ACS root prim scripts for the mod versions.

Special note about the KCP Over32 prim script

The over32 script that sets up your linkset shapes for mesh and high prim is not needed for ACS vehicles after v5 as it is built in to the root scripts.

Installing using Script Injection

Set up multiple Animations

Set up for Passengers

All about ACS HUDS

Set up a motorcycle park routine and kickstand.