ACSv6 Sculpt Changer

The Sculpt Changer system is ideal for swapping out prims such as sets of custom rims. It can be used to change out a matching set all at once, or individual prims, and/or different "circuits" of prims (such as front rims, back rims separate etc). The Sculpt Changer also stores texture, color, shine, size, position and rotation for each prim setup, and of course all scale-able via the resizer as with the other ACS prim systems.

The Sculpt Changer is designed for sculpted prims (non mesh). These scripts are to replace the older Map Change Scripts, with simplified set up and expanded features. Use the Mesh Changer or Hide/Show system for mesh parts.

The Sculpt Changer can be used for different functions, such as swapping out prim luggage, alternating between open/closed sculpt maps, or just general accessories changes, but its most likely use is for swapping custom rims, and so the install instructions here will use the example of rims.


Once installed, the vehicle owner can touch the scripted prims and have them change to their new sculpt map as well as any additional textures, colors, shine, or size you have optionally configured for each one. If multiple prims with Sculpt Changer have matching maps installed (such as a set of rims), touching one of them will cause all of the matching ones to change. Non-matching prims will not be affected unless touched directly.


+Sculpt Changer Setup Tool+ - remove after setup is complete, or re-add later to continue customizing. It is no transfer, so remove it before taking your vehicle back into inventory (choose "Done" from its menu).

Two different Sculpt Changer Scripts are included. You can use different ones in the vehicle, but only use one per prim:

Sculpt Changer: Use this in wheels/rims/tires that must spin, or any prim re-positioned from the drive position by Prim Control. Maps used must be rendered at matching rotation. In most automobiles you will not be using Prim Control, so re-positioning the rims is fine. (In motorcycles that use Prim Control for turning front end, your rim maps are likely always centered and should not need re-positioning)

Sculpt Changer.R: Use for non-wheel/tire/rim prims and prims not re-positioned by Prim Control. This stores rotation changes in addition to the other settings. If you have two luggage racks maps you are swapping in a prim that have different rotations, this will recall the recorded rotations.


The Sculpt Changer scripts record your maps and textures into memory, and then removes them after reading them, so the vehicle owner will not have access to the full permission files. YOU will need the source maps and matching textures full permission in your inventory in order for the system to initially read the UUID's.
For wheels and rims or other spinning components that need to swap maps, your source maps should all be rendered to the same rotational alignment. Rotation is stored for each map setup which is useful in non-wheel prims, but wheel/tire/rim prims need matching map alignments in order to spin/rotate on the correct axis.

SET UP (using rims as example)

You should be close to finished on your build before installing, as the changer stores positions for each map setup for each prim, though it is relatively simple to re-record the new positions if they have to change. The changer stores position to allow for automobile rims to be precisely placed.

  • 1. Place the Sculpt Changer into each of your rims. When you place it in, it will record the data for the current prim
  • 2. Place the +Sculpt Changer Setup Tool+ into the vehicle root. This only needs to be there during setup, and should be removed when you are done. You can put it back in later to add more rims or re-edit your prims.
  • 3. Place the next full permission sculpt map in each of the rims. If it is full permission, the Sculpt Changer will read it into memory and apply it. Then it will delete the map from the prim.

Always drop maps in one at a time!

Now that there are two or more maps in memory (the original and the new one), touch the rim and bring up the setup menu. This menu appears only while the +Sculpt Changer Setup Tool+ is in the vehicle root.

You can choose Next or Previous from the setup menu to swap between your two maps. If you placed the same map in all of your rims, selecting that map will cause the other rims to also change over to that map setup.

If your maps are for the same size prim using the same texture, color, shine and position, then you are pretty much finished. You can customize more if you like, or remove the setup tool.

At any time later, you can drop back in the +Sculpt Changer Setup Tool+ and re-edit your prims and re-Record any new changes. Use Remove to remove a map/setting from the last touched prim.


Continuing with the example of sculpted rims (multiple prims using the same maps):

Add more maps to each of the rims if you like.

Re-size, tint or re-texture one of the rims. Touch it and press Record, and the new texture, color, size, position and rotation data will be stored for that map on the prim you have selected.

The Clone function will send the current rim's stored size, texture, color and shine data to any other Changer prim that contains the matching map. Here is an example for using the Clone function:

1. place setup tool in root
2. place changer script in rims
3. add your desired sculpt map (or several) to all rims that contain Sculpt Changer
4. re-size, tint, re-texture the first rim, then touch it and Record the data for that prim
5. touch that rim again and now choose Clone. The other rims who have matching maps in memory will now all receive and store the new color, tint, texture, shine and size data for the matching maps. They will retain their rotations and positions.

Prims that you have stored maps in, will all respond to a map change if they share that map. So if you had different maps for rims AND tires, only the rims would change when you change one of the rims, and only the tires would change if you change a tire, since they use different maps.

Place a sound file in the prim with the Sculpt Changer to trigger a sound when the prim is touched.

Sculpt Changer scripts are activated by touch. If the vehicle is locked, only the owner will be able to change them by touch. If the vehicle is in group access mode, then anyone in the group can activate them.


Sculpt Changer scripts will respond to change messages from a Driver HUD that you set up with the Hud Kit. This function is not included in the official included v6 Driver HUD, but you could link on an extra button onto the official Driver HUD if you don't wish to build one from scratch. Simply send the HUD COMMAND "Part+" or "Part-" for next or previous map. (See Hud Kit for instructions)