Scriptless Wheels (v6)

Add the keyword spin to your wheel prims.

For bikes or non-turning vehicles , you do not need wheel scripts in the individual prims.

After reboot, the wheels will now spin

For cars style turning front wheels, you will still need the Pivoting Wheel scripts in the individual prims. In this case do not use the spin keywords.

Adding Burnout
Include the keyword word burn in one of your rear wheel components such as tire or rim for triggered skidding and burnout. Burn keyword prims also trigger smoke when using CornerFX.

Wheel spin speed
There's a new variable at the top of the Settings script called Spin_Rate which is the speed multiplier for any scriptless (and scripted) v5.1 wheels. Now you can adjust the speed by editing this value. The spinning is a client-side viewer effect and may appear slightly differently on different viewers.

float           Spin_Rate =             0.75;

If your wheels for some reason do not spin in the correct direction, unlink the prims, re-align them, and then link them back into the vehicle.

If they refuse to behave no matter what, you can always drop in the Wheel Script (in v5 named Sculpted No-Turn Wheel)

Note: ACS v7 requires the use of wheel scripts.