Script Injection

Script Injection with the Mechanic HUD sets up your root scripts and allows you to touch prims on the vehicle to inject child prim scripts.
In most cases you may find it easier just to use manual installation, but for setting up Door Scripts and Vibrator Scripts it can be helpful.

  1. Wear the Mechanic HUD.
  2. Place at least one pose and the Mechanic Tool script inside the root of the vehicle.
  3. Touch the vehicle to connect the Mechanic HUD. The green CONNECTED graphic will appear across the top. (You can click on the green CONNECTED graphic to disconnect from that vehicle)
  4. Use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the Mechanic HUD to find the page with SET UP INJECTION button.
  5. Click on SET UP INJECTION, and wait a few seconds
  6. The vehicle will tell you to take it into inventory, re-rez it, and then select it and choose Set Scripts To Running In Selection from your viewer Tools menu.
  7. Touch the re-rezzed vehicle to make sure that the Mechanic HUD is connected.
  8. Press INJECT ROOT SCRIPTS on the Mechanic HUD, and wait until it is finished. (This installs the required root scripts plus a few optional systems such as Park & Resizer and Root Camera)
  9. Set the permissions on the root scripts if you have not already done so. Then, disconnect the Mechanic HUD by clicking the green CONNECTED word at the top of the HUD, and click the bike to reconnect. You must reboot the vehicle and reconnect after the scripts are running so that everything is now synced up.


If you add prims to your build after setting up injection, you will need to prepare them for injection use by dropping in the INJECTOR SETUP (Manual) script.

After injecting child prim scripts that respond to touch (Door Scripts, passenger-prim) you will have to manually install further scripts in that prim, as the touch action is now handled by the injected script and not passed to the Mechanic HUD.

Not every possible script is in the Mechanic HUD. Scripts for some optional systems you will have to manually place in the vehicle.


Illegally trying to load scripts error - Task 'ACSvX.XX Mechanic HUD' trying to illegally load script onto task 'xxxx'!

This occurs when attempting script injection a prim that has not had script injection setup run on it. That means you have not run (or completed) injection setup on the vehicle (or prims which you have added later.) Unfortunately due to SL limitations on script injection, injection cannot occur until the setup has been run. You may find it just faster to place the script directly inside the prims by hand.

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