ACS v5.11 Screamer Mod

I promised a race engine mod for v5.1 and here is the Screamer mod.
To use, all you need is a vehicle with at least v5.1 installed.

  1. Set the permissions on the three Screamer scripts (no mod/no transfer)
  2. Swap out your Root menu, Root Settings, and Engine in you v5.1+ vehicle's root for these Screamer versions.
  3. Drive carefully


  • Flight mode, mouselook and automatic transmission are not active in this mod and they are not shown in the menu, but all other functions should be supported.
  • Due to the speeds possible, you will likely need to adjust your camera settings from the vehicle menu to accommodate
  • By default, shifting keys are set to classic KCP style, so to switch to E/C/PageUp/PageDown shifting, choose ShiftStyle from the > Advanced menu
  • Gravity (downforce) is set to 5x by default, you may wish to adjust from the > Controls, > Bounce menu
  • For car use, disable banking (choose Zero Bank from the > Controls, > Banking menu