Runnning Lights

Use the Running Lights script to activate light prims when the engine is running. The Running Lights will always turn on with the engine, separate from the main light system and autolights are set to. Could be used for fog lamps.

Use Running Lights in combination with Brake Light, Reverse Light and Turning Indicators to give added realism to your light prims.

The script has its own light settings, easy to edit. You can choose a specific light face number for multi-faced prims.

The light color specified is the radiated light color, the actual visible surface color is determined by the prim tint itself.

integer       Light_Face = ALL_SIDES; //Choose the prim face number for glow and full bright. (Can be ALL_SIDES for all prim sides)
float         Glow_Level = 0.03;
vector        color       = <1.0, 0.0, 0.0>;
float         intensity   = 1.0;
float         radius      = 3.0;
float         falloff     = 1.0;