v7 Root Settings (BETA)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!


ACS allows you to customize your entire vehicle without editing any script via the menu system or by using keywords in prims, animations, and sounds.

However, advanced users will want to dig in and customize further by editing the Root Settings script.

Make sure the script is inside an in-world object or directly in the vehicle before customizing, as it is too large to compile (save) directly in inventory.

Open the Root Settings script and you will see a long list of variables to customize your vehicle with. You can edit your sound assignments, choose some advanced vehicle options, directly tweak your physics settings, and customize messages that appear to the driver.

The variables are all heavily commented, they include special notes to tell you what each variable does.

Most important are the advanced engine adjustment settings. Most are changeable through the vehicle menu but some are not.

The scripts come set up for an average sized vehicle, but chances are some optimization will improve performance. Your vehicle will have different size, weight, mass, center of gravity etc and the stock settings may be too strong or too weak depending.

For example, the default gear powers may be too low for a larger vehicle, and the default steering settings may be too strong for a tiny vehicle.

Editing the variables at the top of the script doesn't require any scripting knowledge. Some are numeric values, some are TRUE/FALSE variables.

For example, the RECOVER option here defines whether pressing your up/down arrow keys together triggers the recover function, which rescues your vehicle from spills, or the NOs power boost.

integer  RECOVER = TRUE;

RECOVER can be set to TRUE or FALSE. FALSE makes up+down arrow keys trigger NOS boost. TRUE makes up+down arrow keys RECOVER/lift.

Make sure when you change variable values (after the = ) that the end of that line has a ;.

The comments appear after a // and do not affect the actual script.

Some of the variables may not be used in your particular vehicle depending on the systems you have installed.


Starting around line 230 are the actual vehicle physics settings. This is where you really can fine tune the vehicle. (Make sure to take backup copies as you go, just in case you make an adjustment and need to go back). Careful not to end up spending all day fine tuning, it can happen easily.

Vehicle physics settings are at the heart of just about any vehicle script. If you have a favorite settings from another script, it is relatively simple to insert them in here.

Customizable variables overview

Main Feature & Menu Customizing
EditGears TRUE/FALSE to disable changing/editing of gears from Controls menu.
MenuControls TRUE/FALSE to disable Controls menu completely
Resizable TRUE/FALSE enable built-in vehicle resizer in the menu.
TurboAvailable TRUE/FALSE Include the TURBO option
AutoAvailable TRUE/FALSE Make automatic transmission option available from the menu
FlightEnabled TRUE/FALSE no flight mode can be activated or displayed in menu if FALSE.
HideBurnout TRUE/FALSE if TRUE, burnout is removed from the menu.
DisableMenu TRUE/FALSE if TRUE, menu on touch is disabled. Menu can still be triggered by API or Driver HUD
Custom Options
FixedCam TRUE/FALSE TRUE to replace the ACS camera with FixedCam settings
ArcadeReverse TRUE/FALSE TRUE to change back arrow to reverse instead of brake.
Single_Position TRUE/FALSE If TRUE there is only one position adjustment. All poses must be rendered at the same position for this to work.
PassengerSitClick TRUE/FALSE If TRUE the passenger prim(s) (if installed) will be set to sit on touch.
ManualPrimShapes TRUE/FALSE Set to TRUE if you prefer to set your prim shapes manually.
Customizable Test Messages. Use blank "" to disable/hide.
Msg_Ride "text" Command to ride chopper on Pie Menu
Msg_Start "text" //Greeting message. Set to "" to disable.
Msg_End "text" End message when exiting. Set to "" to disable.
Demo_Text "text"
Locked "text" Set to "" for no message in floating text
Unlocked "text" //Set to "" for no message in floating text
Greetings "text" first sit message
combat system driver firing linkset messages. Linkset message firemessage sent on firechan when firing key combo is used (shift+back arrow)
firechan 3000 K-Damage system uses link channel 3000. For vice, set to 1.
firemessage "gun ctrl"; //K-Damage requires only blank message "". for VICE use "gun ctrl"
These next 3 are only for use with VICE or other non K-Damage systems along with the Burst Control script.
supresschan 0; For VICE set to 0
supressmessage "gun ctrl"; // for VICE use "gun ctrl"
burstlength 0.5; // length of automatic weapons burst fire before shutoff
/Engine Stuff/
RECOVER TRUE/FALSE FALSE makes up+down arrow keys trigger NOS boost. TRUE makes up+down arrow keys RECOVER/lift
RecoverHeight TRUE/FALSE height for recover activated by keys if turned on
StartingGear 1; //The default gear to start in. Normally 1.
AutoDropToFirst TRUE/FALSE // If TRUE, drops vehicle to StartingGear if vehicle slows to idle speed.
InverseReverse TRUE/FALSE //Invert your reverse direction controls.
StartParked TRUE/FALSE //TRUE if you do not want the engine to start on driver sit.
TurnWhileStopped TRUE/FALSE //TRUE to turn when stopped. FALSE so you cannot rotate in place without power. Change from > Extras menu
SEOB TRUE/FALSE //set to TRUE to silence the idle/engine when engaging BURNOUT (not skid)
O_S_C TRUE/FALSE //SHIFT STYLE. Default FALSE. TRUE to use E/C keys for shifting instead of shift + arrowkeys.
Leveler TRUE/FALSE //Helps climb over the top of steep inclines with downward tilt.
ForceLevel TRUE/FALSE //Set to TRUE to disable all tilt and lean. For large boats, etc.
Advanced Tweaks for your face
Start_Sound_Delay 0.5; // In seconds. Time after start sound is triggered before engine kicks in.
Thr_Idling 4.0; 2.5 Velocity cutoff for engine sound idling.
Thr_IdleLevel 1.5; //Velocity cutoff of driver idle pose
Thr_Skid 15; //Velocity that much be reached before bike can skid on turn.
Thr_Torque 6; //Low End Torque boost Velocity Cutoff Threshhold
L_E_T 2.0; //amount of extra thrust applied below Thr_Torque
GearUp 60; //Velocity at which the slow engine sound is replaced by the fast one.
Park_Offset 0.0; //Vertical offset repositioned/lowered when parked - default 0.0;
/Headlight and light glow settings
LightColor vector LSL color vector emanated light for headlights / flight lights
LightIRF vector Light Intensity (0.0 - 1.0), Light Radius (0.1 - 20.0), Light Falloff (0.1 - 2.0).
BrakeLightColor vector LSL color vector emanated light for brake lights
BrakeLightIRF vector Light Intensity (0.0 - 1.0), Light Radius (0.1 - 20.0), Light Falloff (0.1 - 2.0).
Glow_Level 0.05; 0.0 to 1.0 GLOW level for LightSystem prim faces.
BeamAlpha 0.4; //0.1-1.0 Transparency level for visible light beam faces set up with LightSystem.
BeamGlow 0.05; //0.1-1.0 Glow level for visible light beam faces set up with LightSystem.
IndicatorSpeed 0.5; //Turning indicator flash speed.
FlightFlash 1.0; //Speed for flight lights flashing during flight mode, 0 to disable flash.
Mouselook settings. If you just want mouselook-style camera, use the SportCam in the camera module. // In mouselook the left mouse button accelerates. Gears change with L/R arrows. Flight mode stll uses Up/Down arrows for Up/Down.
MBnk TRUE/FALSE // TRUE or FALSE. Turn on banking mode for mouselook
Auto_Mouselook TRUE/FALSE // TRUE or FALSE. Turn on mouselook automatically when seating.
Mo_Turn_Power 500; 75 Mouselook Turning Power;
MLook_Disable TRUE/FALSE Set to TRUE to disable mouselook altogether
CornerFX Turn Wheel Smoke Settings. Smoke triggered in wheels with burn keyword.
CornerFXSmokeThresh 0.5; drift smoke turn strength threshhold. Range 0.1 - 3.5 The higher this is, the stronger turn is required
CornerFXSmokeVel 30; The velocity before CornerFX smoke can be triggered.
CornerFXSound uuid // Custom sound for CornerFX. Set to "" for none
CornerFXVolume 0.0-1.0 CornerFX sound Volume range 0.0 - 1.0
Init_Pwr_Turn 5.0; 6.0 Initial turning strength (5.0 standard)
Init_Turn_Bonus 0.41; // Additional accrued turning power value. Increase for turning boost. Default 0.33, can set to 0.
Init_VelMult 0.10; //0.1 Steering Velocity Multiplier
Additional Physics Forces
Init_Lev_Bank 0.0; // Initial banking force (5.0 standard)
Init_Gravity 4; // Gravity Multiplier (whole number) default 1
Init_DownForce 0; Additional downward pressure (default 0)
Init_Wheelie_Up 50; Strength up wheelie lift
Init_Wheelie_Down 100; //Strength nose down / down wheelie (stoppie power)
Init_Lev_NOS 250; //Nitrous Burst Level. Start at 100.Crank it up! Set to 0 to disable.
Init_Pwr_Skid 200; //How much bike turns during skid. INCREASE to skid further (default 25)
Init_Time_Skidder 80; //20 Length of Skid
Init_Pwr_Brake 10.0; // default braking power. Range 0-10. Default 10.0.
Init_Lev_Turbo 20; //Turbo power
Init_Reverse 10; //10 Reverse gear power
BackTurn 15; //Back Arrow+Turn Turning Power when stopped.
BaseTurn 20; //Base forward power on turning
Init_List_Gears [list]; //Default list of gears! [40, 55, 65, 80, 95, 110];
Spin_Rate 0.75; //Wheel Spin Speed Multiplier, default 1.0. Lower for slower (0.5) or faster (1.5)
Init_Lev_VAttrac 7.0; // Range 1-10
Init_Resist 0.21; //0.21The lower, the less steering resistance. Useful to correct oversteering
Init_Decay 1.2; 1.5Forward engine Decay/Friction. Less = more Decay/Friction.
Init_Inertia 0.3; 0.3;
Init_Drift 0.2; //4.0 Default
Init_PowerSlide 0; //PowerSlide. Permanently on turn slide
Init_ShiftSlide 30; //ShiftSlide key control for O_S_C mode. Crank it up!
Init_BurnTime 25; //Value for length of burnout before it shuts off automatically. (whole number)
Additional Wheel Script Settings
PivotAngleOffset -15; (whole number) Steering angle adjustment for Pivoting Wheels.
Init_Camber 0.0; //amount of wheel camber for (Pivoting & Fixed Wheel scripts) Set to 0 for motorcycle.
CamberAdjust TRUE/FALSE //adds camber adjustment to >Controls,>Steering,>More menu.
WheelVibration TRUE/FALSE //TRUE/FALSE for wheel vibration.
VibrationLevel 0.03; //Wheel Vibration Level (default 0.03)
SuspensionBounce <0.0, 0.0, 0.15>; //Offset value for suspension bounce (use the Z value in most cases)
SuspensionSway -0.1; //Tunes the suspension movement level on inclines.
Optional Animation Timers
Start_Length 2.5; time in seconds before switching from start animation to idle pose (examples: 2 , 4.75, 0.3)
Wheelie_Length 1.0; //time in seconds before switch from wheelie pose/animation back to ride pose (examples: 1.5, 6, 0.5, 45)
B_Mode TRUE/FALSE Set to TRUE for BOAT mode. Set to FALSE for normal bike/car/ground vehicle
F_Height 0.15; //Boat Floating HEIGHT (default 0.25);
NoseUp 0; // try 20 degrees. degrees for boat nose lift on power. Only for boat mode, not Amphibian mode
Rez_Offset -0.0; //amount to offset on rez. Lower your boat into the water on rez.
Flight Mode Settings
Helicopter TRUE/FALSE vehicle operates only in flight mode
List_Flightspeeds [list] Flight Speeds/gears for flight mode. Add as many as you need. [30,50,75,100]
P_FlUpDown 15; // strength of up and down flight
P_FlTurn 5; // strength of flight turn
Flight_Bank 30; Amount of flight mode bank/angle
FlightBoost 20.0; //initial push up when switching to flight mode, set to 0.0 to disable.
SOUND UUIDS. Sounds_1 - Customize your sound sets: Right click on full perm sound in your inventory and choose Copy Asset UUID and paste beteen the quotes:
Sound_1_Startup uuid //Sound to play when engine starts
Sound_1_Turnoff "uuid //Sound to play when engine stops
Sound_1_Flight uuid //Sound to play while flying
Sound_1_Horn uuid Horn sound.
Sound_1_Idle uuid Sound to play when idling
Sound_1_RunningLow uuid Sound to play while driving slow.
Sound_1_RunningHigh uuid Sound to play while driving fast.
Sound_1_Rev uuid //Sound to play for engine rev/wheelie
Sound_1_Skidder uuid //Sound to play during skidding
Sound_1_GearChange uuid //Sound to play for gear switching.
Sound_1_Burnout uuid Burnout Sound
Sound_1_Reverse uuid //
Sounds_2. Optional Second Set = set all to "" if not in use. Leave as is or you can use duplicates from 1st set.
Sound_2_Startup uuid Sound to play when engine starts
Sound_2_Turnoff uuid Sound to play when engine stops
Sound_2_Flight uuid //Sound to play while flying
Sound_2_Horn uuid //Horn sound.
Sound_2_Idle uuid
Sound_2_RunningLow uuid //
Sound_2_RunningHigh uuid //
Sound_2_Rev uuid //
Sound_2_Skidder uuid //
Sound_2_GearChange uuid //
Sound_2_Burnout uuid //
Sound_2_Reverse uuid //
Nitrous boost sound. Only tiggered if NOS/Recover is switched to Nitorus Boost from the menu (fwd+back arrow)
Nitrous uuid //Triggered on boost
DoorOpen uuid For DoorSystem, door opening sound
DoorClosed uuid For DoorSystem, door closing sound
TrunkOpen uuid For DoorSystem, For use with trunk keyword
TrunkClosed uuid For DoorSystem, For use with trunk keyword
Window uuid For Accessories, triggered on Power Window
Indicators uuid Triggered each time turning indicators //manually activated.
Wipers uuid For Accessories, Triggered (not looped) on wiper movement
InteriorBell uuid loops when a door is open and engine is off
LockSound uuid Triggered on Lock/Unlock
Alarm_Siren uuid // Alarm Siren. Set to "" for silence. Default:"1e663342-08dd-fb39-a421-d207cc29f76f"
Alarm_Switch uuid Alarm On/Off sound. Set to "" for silence.
Alarm_Time 30; Length of alarm sequence in seconds.
///Basic Sit. Optional single sit system for use without ROOT SIT script or other sit system.
BasicSit FALSE; //TRUE to enable the Basic Sit settings below. (Remove Root Sit for usage)
BasicPosition <0.0,0.0,2.5>; //Position relative to root to place passenger
BasicRotation <0.1,0.0,0.0>; //Rotation of the avatar, in degrees
BasicAnim "" ; //Driver animation. Must be present in the root prim.

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