KCP Redirect

Get it at my shop here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Panhead/119/184/22

KCP Redirect is a FREE script for your vehicle that teleports it to a set of coordinates within the same region when it collides with a specially prepared object.

For example, you could have it return to a starting position after colliding with a wall or a finish line of a race.

The script will work with any vehicle that uses any scripts, they do not have to be the ACS script set.

First, place a copy of the KCP Redirect script in the root of your vehicle.

Then you will need to prepare your object(s) that the vehicle may collide with:

Name the object(s) "redirect" (without the ") just the word: redirect

Then in the object description field, you will put the destination coordinates X,Y,Z separated by comma or as a vector:



So be sure the prim name is redirect and the prim description contains the destination coordinates separated by comma. No script goes in the object, the only script required is the KCP Redirect script inside the vehicle.

You are free to use this script and give it out however you like with the following exceptions:

1. The script itself cannot be resold by itself (fine to include in a sales vehicle)
2. The script can not be resold as part of a vehicle script package


This script must be added to a vehicle. Does not work with pre-built no-modify vehicles or as part of an attachment. Should work fine with any version or any vehicle script as long a you can add the script to the vehicle root.

Use is limited because it only works with prepared vehicles, but if you have a rezzer on your land/track with prepared vehicles, then this could be useful.