Questions to ask before buying a vehicle script set

Is it being sold by the author?

If it's not being sold by the author then you will have a hard time getting support and updates for obvious reasons. Fact: If the seller is incapable of authoring what they are selling, they do not understand how it works or how to adapt it to the constantly changing software environment of SL. A random assortment of scripts from different places are not really designed to work together and will perform far from the optimal scenario. You owe it to yourself and your customers to use something that is designed from the ground up for the express purpose of operating your vehicle.

Whether you buy ACS or not, make sure you are buying from the original script author to ensure you can receive updates and support.

Modern features to ask for before buying

If you are distributing vehicles commercially, you customers will expect up to date features.

I could go on, you get the idea. A thee-letter copycat system can only bring new features long after they have become the quality standard set by ACS.

Why do you care?

I hear regularly from disappointed folks who felt they were tricked into paying thousands for an imitation thee-letter copycat system, complete with look-alike Script Owner's Group, expecting the kind of quality and support they would get from the ACS system. What they got was a box of ancient scripts from assorted sources that were not written to work together, and a seller unable to support , fix, or update them. While SL is filled with people who will sell you anything, such as things you could otherwise get free in a freebie region, I personally find it disingenuous for somebody to be representing such a package to somebody as if it was ACS, and charging thousands, when they are incapable of providing updates, service, new features, and fixes at the level the actual script author and content creator can provide. It's a shame that instead of bringing something new to the table, they resort to this.

As somebody who has spent a lot of time an effort creating, testing and updating my own code, I can truly say I take great pride in my product. As the author, and content creator, I provide a standard of service and quality that a thee-letter copycat is logically incapable of providing.

I'm not knocking actual content creators, just pre-existing content packagers who cannot even think of original product names and features. If you somehow were directed to purchase a thee-letter copycat system and were wondering where your updates or fixes are, hopefully this clears up why. I am in the business of writing and selling scripted products and systems, and a major feature of the ACS is that it is written and supported by the author, and specifically designed for its intended purpose, a feature that thee-letter copycat systems will never have, and am pleased to be able to advertise that.