V6 Prim Contol

The optional Prim Control scripts are used to record and play back different prim positions and rotations in your build. These are for purposes such as a motorcycle park routine (leaning the bike and turning the front end when parked), prims moving when steering (such as turning front end prims for a motorcycle or for boat rudders) and also for repositioning prims for Flight Mode.

Prim Control scripts go in the root prim.

How to record motorcycle Park Routine & kickstand

How to record motorcycle Turning Front End

Most car builders will likely not need these, as turning wheels are handled by the Pivoting Wheel script.

Car builders that want to so something such as rotate wheel prims for Flight Mode may want to install Prim Control Main and Prim Control Flight scripts.

It is best to wait until your are finished building before recording your Prim Control states. If your build is 128 prims or less, linking and unlinking prims will not disrupt the other existing stored prim positions, but for over 128 prims, using the required additional high prim versions, some of your stored prim positions may be lost. For high prim (128 prims or more) builds, you should no longer link/unlink prims to the build after recording a Prim Control state unless you plan to re-record all the positions.

There are three Prim Control scripts and three matching high prim (HP) add-on versions for builds over 128 individual prims. Individual prims meaning actual individual links in the build, not land impact score. The scripts must store positions and rotations for each link, so due to SL memory limitations the matching HP add on versions are required for more than 128 links, to the maximum of 255 links (SL limitation for linked object).

Note to users of previous versions of ACS:
Earlier versions of the ACS referred to these scripts under different names, such as Park & Resizer, Root Animator, etc. Although set up is basically the same, these have been re-engineered and renamed. The actual resizer is incorporated into the root prim scripts, and no Prim Control scripts are required to use the resizer. The system was redesigned primarily to optimize for the popularity of high prim builds, which have different memory needs than the original systems designed for 32 prims only.

Prim Control scripts

Prim Control Main: Required for recording any prim states, as it stores the vehicles default main drive configuration. Also records stores the configuration for motorcycle park routine. If you need either the Prim Control Turning or Prim Control Flight or both, you will also need this installed.
When you first drop this in it will record the default drive position automatically. You can then re-recall and re-record that drive configuration. If you want to move a prim position in the build AFTER this script is in the root, unlink and relink the prim and it will record that prim's new position. Otherwise, simply moving it in the build will cause it to revert back to the stored drive position when the vehicle is activated.

Prim Control Turning: This is needed to record turning configurations for your prims. Primarily for motorcycle turning front end though you could use it for other steering purposes. Requires Prim Control Main to be installed.

Prim Control Flight: For prim positioning for Flight Mode