Pose Synchronization

new for v5.1 - You can now synchronize poses from the driver's > Position, > Tools menu, selecting **Pose Sync**

The Synchronize Poses feature lets a specific driver pose call up a specific passenger pose once those have been synchronized.
This is ideally for your PARK poses. If you use it for idle/drive/reverse it will conflict with programmed idle/park passenger states.

To synchronize poses you must use the SYNCPOSES button on the Mechanic HUD, with the target poses called up and DRIVER selected.
Each driver pose can have a passenger pose assigned with SYNC POSES.

Your should have two avatars for this process, one seated on the DRIVER/ROOT and one seated on PASSENGER.

With the correct PARK pose currently selected for the driver AND somebody (can be you) seated on passenger prim with correct park pose selected for the passenger, press DRIVER then SYNCPOSES.

  1. get your poses in the root and passenger prim.
  2. call up the driver park pose you wish to use.
  3. with somebody seated on the passenger prim (can be yourself once you have called up the driver park pose you need to synchronize to) call up the passenger park pose, then select driver again and press SYNC POSES on the Mechanic HUD.

The SYNCPOSES button only works while DRIVER is selected on the Mechanic HUD, otherwise it is greyed out. So the button combo to do all this is:


Then, with the bike engine off, the driver can press and release the L/R arrow keys to cycle through the driver park poses or use PARK+ and PARK- from the Driver HUD. Poses that have been synchronized wiill also change the passenger park pose.

You can synchronize poses other than park poses, such as left or right states, in fact for the passenger you don't actually need to activate the idle/park individually if you were to use the SYNCPOSES system to sync a passenger pose to the driver's version idle/ride/etc instead.

Once the pose synchronizations have been programmed, you can re-select the default park pose for the Driver (PARK, SELECT POSE).