Pivoting Wheel script

Located in your Non Root Prim Scripts box

This is a front car-style turning wheel script. When dropped in the prim it should automatically align the wheel to the root and detect the proper forward direction. This can go in rims, tires, wheels or any prim that pivots while steering.

  1. set the permissions on the script to no transfer
  2. if your vehicle has park routine installed, first reboot or set to the normal ride/drive position.
  3. Make sure you are not seated on the vehicle
  4. remove any existing wheel script in your front wheels/rims/tires
  5. place the script in your wheel/rim/tire etc

You should now be able to get on your vehicle and drive/steer and the wheels should turn.

On the off chance the prim is aligned in an incorrect direction after linking it, unlink it and re-link it in the correct rotation.

You do not the the spin keyword on the prims with the script.

Alternately, to achieve steering/turning effects in wheels, such as rear wheels turning in the opposite direction, or for prims such as boat rudders, you can use the Turning Front End system to animate your prims and spin your wheels.

The Pivoting Wheel (Inverse) script will turn wheels in the opposite direction that you are steering, for four-wheel steering systems or other creative uses.