Pivoting Component v6

Located in Additional Scripts box

Pivoting Component is a simple script to rotate/pivot a non-spinning prim in place, such as boat rudder or car steering wheel. You could animate those prims to change position/rotation for when steering using Prim Control, but if they only need to rotate in place and not re-position, Pivoting Component may be a simpler option.

Drop it in the prim you wish to have pivot. You will need to pick a number (1-6) at the top of the script to adjust its axis and optionally adjust the degrees it pivots/rotates.

integer     DIRECTION   =   1; // choose 1-6,  try each one until you find the right axis for the prim
float       DEGREES     =   45; // Degrees to pivot/rotate

If it is turning in the wrong direction when you turn, change the DIRECTION value.

If using v7, use TurnSystem in place of this script.