• To set permissions on individual scripts, open the vehicle, package, or directly in your inventory, right click on the script and make sure Modify and Transfer/Resell are unchecked and Copy is checked.
  • Many of the ACS scripts will not operate until you set the permissions as described. Changing these permission settings does not affect your permissions, only the next owner.
  • It is easiest to set the permissions before installing, such as directly in your inventory, in the ACS script boxes before copying their contents to inventory, or directly inside the Mechanic HUD, then you need not set them every time. While you should never edit scripts directly in inventory, as they will not compile and will become corrupt, you can set permissions on them there without problem.
  • Some of the optional accessories scripts are no modify, to prevent the code from continually popping up in fake copycat look-alike script packages. This strategy has proven quite successful, but it is unfortunate that this was necessary.
  • The no-modify content will make your vehicle appear as (no modify) in your own inventory, though you will still have modify permissions on the vehicle. If you want to give the vehicle to the next owner with modify permissions, so they can customize it etc, AFTER you take it into inventory and before passing it or placing it in a box, right click it in inventory and set the permissions and re-check the modify box. If you check modify before taking it into inventory, the whole thing will revert to no modify for the next owner. The ACS scripts inside the vehicle must remain set to no modify, no transfer.
  • When you distribute a vehicle you should always give copy permissions, as vehicles can and will be lost on region crossings and stuck in ban lines and other hazards, and your vehicle owner should be able to rez a new one. For these reasons it is a bad idea to sell No-Copy transferable vehicles. Because of the reality of vehicle loss issues, the ACS system is not set up for use with No-Copy transferable vehicles. Also, it may be possible that the scripts could crash under odd circumstances or SL server issues, or the owner may do something bizarre with the controls settings, graphics customization etc or with systems such as the optional resizer that make the vehicle unrecoverable. They *will* want to be able to rez a fresh copy.