Passenger Prim


  1. Place or inject a Passenger Prim script inside a prim on the vehicle, make sure the permissions on the script are set.
  2. Add at least one animation to the prim, and reboot the vehicle.

Now an avatar can sit in the passenger seat by sitting on the passenger prim. The seated passenger can click on the passenger prim to bring up the passenger adjustment and camera menu.


  • You can have one or more passengers ride on your vehicle. Each passenger has their own animation and adjustment, as well as camera settings.
  • The passenger adjust menu can also be accessed from the vehicle menu from the > Position, >Passenger menu. If there is more than one Passenger Prim set up, the menu will let you choose which one to adjust.
  • Each passenger requires an individual prim for the Passenger Prim script and at least one animation inside that prim.
  • Synchronize your passenger animations to the driver, by using the animation keyword system for the passenger animations. Each passenger prim can have its own different animations.
  • Passenger animations are activated using the same keywords as the driver for all animation states, but the Passenger lacks a gear shift state.
  • Passenger Prims can match multiple park animations to the driver's, with different animation sets in each prim.
  • The driver has full control of the passenger prims from the driver > Position menu. If there is more than one passenger prim, the driver is offered a choice based on the passenger prim name or passenger avatar name if a passenger is seated.

Choosing a Prim

The passenger prim does not need to be in the vehicle seat, it can be in any prim, such as an invisible prim located in the area where a passenger should sit.

Motorcycle builders often use the rear fender for the passenger to click on and sit, even if they appear to be seated closer to the driver. This is to prevent the driver from inadvertently clicking on the passenger prim, and to prevent SL from passing the sit back to the root if the prim is inside the root bounding box.

For something like a sculpted car seat, you may want to make the passenger prim an invisible cube that protrudes from the seat.