Motorcycle Park Routine

The park routine can re-position your bike prims to the recorded park routine configuration when the driver exits the bike or stops the engine. It can also lean the bike over onto a kickstand.

To set up a park routine requires that you add the Prim Control Main script to the root prim. The Prim Control Main script stores the bike's default drive normal prim configuration, and is used to record and store the park configuration as well as any recorded lean.

You can use either the Mechanic HUD's PRIM CONTROLS menu, or drop-in +Prim Control Setup Tool+ script to record or edit your park routine.


Do not record positions while you are seated on the bike.

  1. Add the Prim Control Main script to the root prim, make sure permissions on it are set.
  2. Take a backup copy of the motorcycle in case something goes wrong.
  3. Select and set the vehicle to 0 X,Y, & Z rotation under the object tab
  4. If using the Mechanic HUD to record, make sure it is connected.
  5. Reposition prims on the vehicle to the desired configuration, turn the front end, drop a kickstand, etc
  6. Optionally lean/tilt the entire bike
  7. Select RECORD PARK using the Mechanic HUD or +Prim Control Setup Tool+ script.

You can now test the park routine. You can use Test Park to recall it and make further edits, or use Test Drive to recall the default prim configuration and start over again.

If you don't start at at zero x,y,z rotation when you record the park routine, your lean on park will be in the wrong direction. To fix, simply set the vehicle to zero rotation, choose Test Park, correct the lean angle, then Record Park again.

If your bike is under 128 prims you will be able to add/remove prims after recording. If you move a prim position in the vehicle once Prim Control is installed, you will need to unlink and then re-link it, or the Prim Control will move it back to the recorded Drive position.

If you have 128 prims or more, you must add the Prim Control Main HP script, and you cannot link/unlink prims in that case as the vehicle will lose track of the link numbers and scramble your parts. For high prim linksets, only add Prim Control scripts after you have fully completed building the vehicle.