Park Animations

When an avatar is seated on the driver seat of the vehicle and the engine is stopped, the park animation is activated.

Unlike other animations in the vehicle, multiple park animations can be added. Put the park keyword in the animation name and add it to the root, just like installing any of the other animations

While parked, the current animation can be changed be changed by arrow keys or the driver menu.

Passenger Prim animations can also be synchronized to these driver park animations, making it easy to set up couples (or group) animations.

Start Parked

By default, the engine will start up when a driver sits, and activate the drive animation. You can turn on the StartParked setting in the Engine script so that the engine does not start when the driver sits, but instead stays parked and activates the park animation. When the engine is turned on, the animation will change to the normal drive state.

On line 14 of the v6 Engine script, set StartParked to TRUE;

integer         StartParked =           TRUE;