Owner's Group & Updates
  • As registered owner, you have been (or will be ASAP) invited to join the KCP Script Owners Group. This is a private group, only for script owners. This is the primary way that script updates and related resources are distributed to script owners.
  • You should receive an invite to the KCP Script Owners Group group within a day of your script purchase, if not immediately. You will need to be a part of this group in order to be notified of updates. If your invite did not come through for whatever reason, please IM me inworld, Karyn Vaher, for an invite. It is very common for group invitations not to be recieved if you are offline, so don't hesitate to contact me if you did not receive yours or need to re-join the group.
  • Group members can get the latest updates at the KCP shop from the update machine, by touching it with the group tag active.
  • If your avatar is hidden from appearing in search, I simply may not be able to find you to send the invite. You can catch me online or drop me a notecard made by you and I can click on it to bring up your user key.
  • The group is large and friendly and usually can help with answering questions at any time by one of the many helpful users or myself if I am online.
  • Group membership and the distribution of updates are at my discretion, and are not a guaranteed right of purchase, though only on extraordinarily rare cases has anyone had to be ejected or excluded for any reason.
  • The group is not for spamming. The "proper" way to draw attention to your shop, products, etc is to be helpful to noobs in the group, and then people will click on your profile and see the links to your shops, etc. If you were temporarily tossed out for spamming because you were drinking or whatever, relax, you will be welcome back, just don't do it again. I'm personally pretty tolerant about a lot of nonsense, however many of the customers in the group are not and I will be the one who has to deal with the complaints from them if somebody is being obnoxious. The group is there for the benefit of the script users, so please don't annoy them.
  • Even if you have been away from SL for some time or had to leave the group or whatever, I still have your account on record back to v1.0, and will add you back to the group so you can get updates.
  • It is not mandatory that you join or remain in the group, though you will likely get updates faster, as well as access to betas and other random stuff. There will be a new update process soon that will allow you easier access to updates without having to stay in the group.

If you need to re-join the group to get new updates, or somehow missed the group invite, or have been away a couple years, etc, send me an IM and I will re-send the group invite.