Over32 (v4)

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This is the updated version of the original free script I was handing out that allows you to automatically set any vehicle up for high prim/mesh mode without having to manually set the individual prim shapes. When the new mesh physics was introduced, many viewers did not support the manual setting of prim shapes and a script was required.

This script sets up your vehicle prim shapes/physics to allow you to use more than 32 prims as well as mesh. It will automatically determine whether your vehicle is legacy style (32 prims or less, non-mesh) or new mesh/high prim style (contains mesh and/or over 32 prims)

In most cases you simply need to add the keyword solid to your tire prims and drop in this script.

It does not matter what scripts you are using to operate your vehicle, you do not need to use my ACS scripts, this script will work with any scripted vehicle.

This script sets up your prims into new SL physics accounting mode that allows you to use more than 32 prims in any regular vehicle, and supports mesh parts that may push the prim equivalency over 32 prims.

Just add the keyword to your tire/wheel prims: solid and drop the script into your vehicle, and it will support and be drivable with more than 32 prims/prim equivalence score.

This script will auto apply the settings to newer prims linked to your vehicle. You can make it rescan for prims with solid in the name by unlinking and re-linking a prim, or dropping the script in again. After naming prims you must do one of those things so it will re-scan and detect those named prims.

More Info

You can of course simply set your prim shapes by hand using your viewer. In a legacy (older style) linkset, the limit is 32 non-mesh prims, all set to prim shape PRIM.

In a mesh/high prim linkset, the root prim is always CONVEX HULL shape and all other prims must be set to prim shape NONE or CONVEX HULL.

CONVEX HULL shape prims have a solid surface and contribute weight and mass to the vehicle (as do all PRIM shape prims in a legacy linkset). Prim shape NONE prims act as phantom prims.

SL limits are 256 links for an object, however in a physical vehicle the limit of CONVEX HULL prims is 32 LI. That means if your unlinked root prim is 1 LI and you have four CONVEX HULL mesh wheels that are 8 LI, you will exceed vehicle physics limits and need to work-around this by using invisible simple-shape prims set to CONVEX HULL and setting your complex detailed mesh prims to prim shape NONE.

v4 Version

The v4 version is streamlined, memory capped and detects mesh automatically in the linkset no matter the prim count. It switches seamlessly between legacy and mesh/high prim mode.


In my ACS Vehicle Operating System v5.1+ script set (and newer versions), this functionality is incorporated into the system, and ACS does not require the use of this script. It will automatically apply the new physics if you go over 32 prims, or return the vehicle to "standard" physics if you unlink it back to 32 prims or less. It also adds "wheel" and "tire" to the supported solid/convex hull keywords, and this functionality can be disabled if you prefer to set your prims up manually. As you link/unlink prims it will tell you how much physics allotment is left.


You are free to use this script and give it out however you like with the following exceptions:

1. The script itself cannot be resold by itself (fine to include in a sales vehicle)
2. The script (and earlier versions) can not be resold as part of a vehicle script package.