Mesh Changer v6

The Mesh Changer scripts allow you to cycle through displaying a pair or series of mesh prims. This can be used for sets of custom rims, or swapping between versions of a single part. While the script itself is simple to stick inside the prims and operate, your setup may take some patience to arrange your prims.

Unlike sculpted prims, mesh prims cannot change maps and transform shape. Instead, in order to have the appearance of changing, the prims must alternate between visible and invisible, as in the Hide/Show system. If there are two parts, A & B, while A is visible, B must be invisible and vice versa. If you are only needing to swap between two sets, the Hide/Show system may be better as it requires no extra scripts.

This also means all the invisible prims are simultaneously linked and count against the total physics cost for the vehicle. In the case of an automobile swapping out rims, rims are often the most detailed prim on the vehicle and three sets of rims for each of four tires may eat up most of, or exceed the physics allotment. So there is a realistic limit to what you can have attached to your vehicle using the Mesh Changer. Any detailed parts (such as rims or complete wheels) should usually never be set to solid/convex hull, For swapping out wheels, you should use invisible dummy prims as the solid/convex hull portion of wheels. (see Mesh Tricks).

You can use the Mesh Changer for non-mesh prims as well, but you will get lower prim counts by using the Sculpt Changer.


You get two types of numbered series of Mesh Changer. Both can be triggered/cycled by the "Part+" & "Part-" HUD commands (if configured, see HUD Kit), as well as the Change Part function in the > Options, > Advanced menu

Mesh Changers A are triggered by direct touch
Mesh Changers B are NOT triggered by direct touch

Rims or a part that is out of the way may be fine to trigger by direct touch, however if it is a part that is likely to be touched to bring up the vehicle menu, best to use the B versions or the Mesh Changer will intercept the touch and just be annoying.

Nine mesh changers are included, you can have a maximum of nine different parts (or rims), though you are unlikely to get nine times four mesh rims to fit in a vehicle physics allotment.


The Mesh Changers are numbered scripts. In each prim you want visible at the same time, you would place the same numbered script. For example, in this set of three rim prims:

Rim(s) A gets Mesh Changer 1
Rim(s) B gets Mesh Changer 2
Rim(s) C gets Mesh Changer 3

You must link all three rims in all rim locations, touching any one of them will cycle through the series. When Rim B is visible, all prims with Mesh Changer 2 are visible and all other Mesh Changer prims are non-visible. It doesnt matter which one you touch. Positioning them in the right place may be the toughest part of setup, as they may all overlap.

A tip for positioning rims initially would be to copy the position of the original rim under the Object tab when in Edit Linked Parts and then paste that to the other rims which should be in the same location.

Always start with Mesh Changer 1 and don't skip any numbers.

For the example of swappable body sets:

Body A gets Mesh Changer 1
Trunk A gets Mesh Changer 1
Hood A gets Mesh Changer 1

Body B gets Mesh Changer 2
Trunk B gets Mesh Changer 2
Hood B gets Mesh Changer 2

C parts get Mesh Change 3, etc

Again, if you are only needing to swap between two sets, the Hide/Show system may be better as it requires no extra scripts.

Any spinning wheel components must have the spin keyword or be using a wheel script., so for three rims, they each need the keyword or wheel script.

You can use combinations of the A & B as long as the numbers match, in the above example you ay place the A versions only in the trunk for touch trigger, and the B versions in the body and hood.

You should not place two different touch-triggered scripts in the same prim, such as a door script AND a Mesh Changer A, or they will conflict.

Reboot the vehicle after set up, and then all Mesh Changer prims should display properly after a couple touches.

Place a sound file in the prim with the Mesh Changer to trigger a sound when the prim is touched.


You can only have one set of Mesh Changers in the linkset at a time as in matching rims on four wheels, or a swappable body system (with different trunks, hoods etc) but not both at the same time unless they are all part of the same set.

You can always use the Hide/Show system if you just need to swap between two sets of prims.

Mesh Changer A scripts are activated by touch. If the vehicle is locked, only the owner will be able to change them by touch. If the vehicle is in group access mode, then anyone in the group can activate them.

Mesh Changers A & B will work on v4/v5 and v6 vehicles.