Vehicle Menu
  • The vehicle menu is triggered on touch by the vehicle owner.
  • If the vehicle is unlocked, a guest driver may trigger the menu while seated.
  • Some functions can only be accessed while seated.
  • Passenger Prim menu is accessed by touching the passenger prim while seated on the passenger prim.

There are many optional functions that will not appear in the vehicle menu unless they are installed, such as graphics systems, light switch, passenger-prim, resizer and other functions.

Get HUD and Get HELP

To activate the Get HUD built-in HUD giver in the menu, you need to place an object with the word HUD in its name in the vehicle root. After reboot, the menu will detect the presence of the HUD and add the Get HUD menu selection. The Driver HUD should have copy and transfer permission for the next owner so that a guest rider can get a copy too.

To add a notecard for the bike to distribute, featuring information such as Key Controls, you need to place a notecard with the word help in its name in the vehicle root.

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