Mariner Mod v6.0

A mod for motorized boats and jetskis is a specially configured Engine, Root Menu, and Root Settings script replacements for v6.


  1. Set the permissions on the scripts (no mod/no transfer) 
  2. Swap out your Root Menu, Root Settings, and Engine in your v6.0+ vehicle's root for these Mariner versions.

Add additional particles scripts or other standard systems as needed. (The other optional customizable included particles/propeller scripts should not be installed in the root)

Also included Pivoting Component script, Powered Simple Propeller, and custom editable particles scripts.


The Mariner mod differs from the stock engine with cruise-control style power, and alternate banking system. It comes pre-loaded with a custom power boat sound set designed specifically for this mod (including marine horn).

Default shifting set to E/C keys.

CornerFX is enabled by default with sound effect preset for sloshing water, with this on it will trigger Custom Burnout Particles script on turns if that script is installed in a prim (special Mariner version included). Boat Wake particles script also included.

To disable banking, simply set Zero Bank from the > Controls, > Settings, > Banking menu.

Edit boat settings such as float height and rez offset in the Root Settings Mariner script. To disable the nose lift, set NoseUp to 0.

integer         B_Mode =            TRUE;//Set to TRUE for BOAT mode. Set to FALSE for normal bike/car/ground vehicle
float           F_Height =          0.25;//Boat Floating HEIGHT (default 0.25);
float           NoseUp =            5; //degrees for boat nose lift on power
float           rez_offset =        -0.0;//amount to offset on rez. Lower your boat into the water on rez.

You can install Prim Control to set up turning prim configurations. Use the Powered Simple Propeller script to animate your engine propeller.

The E engine edition adds the SternLift setting at the top of the engine script. This will help keep your nose up on turns, adjust to suit your taste.