Map Change Scripts

The Map Change Scripts are now replaced with the Sculpt Changer

This allows you to set individual prims or groups of sculpted prims to change sculpt maps when touched. (Activated by owner touch, or if group access on then by group members, or if unlocked, by anyone). This was initially designed to cycle through sculpted rims on a motorcycle, but you can use it to change any other sculpted prims too, such as for opening/closing luggage. This does not change the size or orientation of the prims, so your sculpt maps must be design to match each other. (When sculpting your parts, use the same size bounding box for the matching sets, do not re-adjust it between rendering your different configurations).

Map Change is set up with the Mechanic HUD.

Because the scripted MAP CHANGE prims are activated on touch (like the door prims), they have a special SETUP mode for programming. After installing/injecting the MAP CHANGE PRIM scripts into the prims that are to change, you will need to put them into SETUP mode in order to be able to touch/select them.

Here is an example setup for a pair of rims:

  • First, use INJECT MAP CHANGE PRIM and inject into both rims. (You must have prepared the bike for injection on the Mechanic HUD SYSTEMS INJECTION Page: see below) OR place the Map Change Prim scripts in the rim prims manually.
  • Next, press SET MAP CHANGE PRIMS TO SETUP MODE. This will put all map change prims into setup mode and they will be indicated in hovertext above each prim. You must do this before working on Map Change prims.
  • Next, press SELECT SCRIPTED MAP CHANGE PRIMS TO EDIT. Now you can touch each rim so they are flashing. This is the group of prims to be loaded with the sculpt maps. Only select the prims for the specific group to be programmed!
  • Now press LOAD MAPS INTO SELECTED MAP PRIMS. You will be prompted to add the sculpt maps to the vehicle root, ONE AT A TIME. (You yourself must have full permissions on the maps, and they are not kept in the vehicle, the vehicle erases them from its inventory after recording so they are not distributed with the vehicle.) You can add as many as you like, or just a couple if it is just to switch back and forth between two. After you are finished adding maps, press ACTIVATE SELECTED MAP CHANGE PRIMS GROUP. Your rims will stop flashing and go into active mode. Now, when you touch one, they will both change the stored maps together.
  • You can add and record other individual or groups of map changing prims. Putting the map prims back into setup mode will not erase their stored data, unless you select one for a different group and record new map data into it.
  • When done with editing maps, be sure to select SET ALL MAP CHANGE PRIMS ACTIVE if you have any still in setup mode. In order to do any more editing on those prims that requires touching, you will need to put them back into setup mode using SET MAP CHANGE PRIMS INTO SETUP MODE. They will NOT lose their stored data unless you re-select and re-record them.
  • (You cannot have both MAP CHANGER and DOOR SCRIPT in the same prims, since they both activate on touch.)