Make Your Own Animations

Making your own custom vehicle animations is almost a requirement if you are using more than a couple basic animations. This is especially true for vehicles such as motorcycles, where the arm and leg positions and angle of the avatar need to match the dimensions of your build.

ACS stores positions for each animation, so you can mix and match animations from various sources, but it can result in jerky movements and jumps if the animations aren't lined up when switching between them. The main trick for smooth animation transitions in a vehicle is to render all your animations at the exact same hip height offset.

Always lower the hip height to ground sit level or lower to avoid animation bounding box issues. An offset of -2.0 meters is perfect. Try to always render your animations at the same offset in case you need to mix-and-match the set later.

When you go to upload your .bvh file, upload your animation file at Priority Level 4 to make sure it will over-ride the driver's AO as well as default SL animations.

Click the LOOPING checkbox when you upload standard seating animations!!! Otherwise after the animation plays the avatar may drift/bounce/bob

If you use an in-world tool such as U-Poser or Anypose, you can precisely fit the animation to the vehicle. Those tools also have simple ways to mirror your arm and leg positions.

They are available in front of my shop:

Pricey? Maybe, but you can make your money back, and the ability to make custom animations is useful for building all kinds of things in SL. My best suggestion for new builders with little money is to use the rental option of U-Poser, by clicking on the U-Poser box in front of my shop and choosing rental. This lets you rent it for about L$300 or so a week, long enough to customize many vehicles.



This will make your vehicle easier to use, and less confusing for vehicle owners.

If all your animations in a vehicle are at the exact matching hip height, then you do not need to individually adjust each one. You can remove the individual adjustment steps by setting the Single_Position option to TRUE the Root Settings script.

With Single_Position enabled, the > Position menu skips asking which state to adjust for and just lets you adjust whatever the current animation is. This will only work if your animations are rendered at the same position, including your park animations.

Line 9 of the Root Settings script.

integer         Single_Position =   TRUE;