Lock / Unlock
  • Only the vehicle owner can operate it, unless it is unlocked from the menu or Driver Hud.
  • Guest riders (non owner) can access the menu only while seated.
  • For guest riders to be able to retrieve a Driver Hud from the menu, the Driver Hud must have copy and transfer permissions enabled.
  • Lock and unlock settings also apply to any installed Door Scripts.

Group Access

Turn on group access from the menu and the bike is unlocked for anybody wearing the same group tag.
Group access also affects Door Scripts.

Demo Mode

setting the bike to Demo Mode allows it to rez in special unlocked mode for test drives.
To enable, at the top of the Root Menu script, set Demo_Mode to TRUE.

integer             Demo_Mode =     TRUE;

Special feature for users of The KCP Bike Vendor. With ACS v5.1 or newer installed in your vehicle, you no longer need to install a Vendor Control Script in your DEMO/display bike when setting up The KCP Bike Vendor. No other changes are required. You can continue to use the Vendor Control Script in your older vehicles inside the vendor, unless you choose to update them to the ACS v5.1.