BikeClone Linkset Inventory Cleaner

This script cleans out EVERYTHING in the inventory of every prim in a linkset. Drop it in, take object into inventory and re-rez and choose Set Scripts To Running from your viewer Tools menu.

The only thing it leaves behind are active sculpt maps or face 0 textures and if it finds those it will tell you which prim they are in. Removing those will modify the prim, so you will want to manually remove and re-apply or use BikeClone Prim Retriever script to remove them and leave the prim intact.

If the vehicle still shows some prims uncleaned in the floating text, you may need to repeat Set Scripts To Running from your viewer to finish the job.

If you want more cool tool scripts to assist with building such as the BikeClone networked texture tool, check out BikeClone Tools