Latest Official Version

To keep track of numerous additional patches/updates that you may optionally decide to use, here is the list of the latest versions of some of the scripts.

Root Prim

  • ACSv6.02 Engine
  • ACSv6.02 Root Menu
  • ACSv6.02 Root Settings
  • ACSv6.02 Root Tools
  • ACSv6.02 Root Sit


  • ACSv6.047 Passenger Prim


  • GFX-TC v5.2


  • ACSv6.03 Grouped Door Prim
  • ACSv6.03 Single Prim Fast Door
  • ACSv6.03 Single Prim Smooth Door

Prim Control

  • ACSv6.02 Prim Control Main
  • ACSv6.02 Prim Control Main HP
  • ACSv6.02 Prim Control Turning
  • ACSv6.02 Prim Control Turning HP
  • ACSv6.0 Prim Control Flight
  • ACSv6.0 Prim Control Flight HP