knife Mod

The knife mod is designed for one use, high speed automobile track racing. It is of little use for any other purpose.

knife is pre-set for automobile use, and includes a custom sound set. knife is stripped down feature-wise (like the Drifter mod), no automatic transmission, no flight mode.

An (ugly) example vehicle is included to give you an idea what it can do, and how it should handle. Steering may take you a little to get used too as it is very responsive and does not handle like a "normal" vehicle. Play with the example vehicle, take it out to a track.

The knife mod is not for everybody, and some will not like it at all. Beta testers all report great track times, topping personal and track records on some circuits.

Steering is a specially designed rebuild only for high speed racing. It is extremely sensitive, at low "staging" speed it will always be twitchy, but it should get you to the starting line. Don't expect "normal" driving use, puttering around the neighborhood, it belongs on a track.

The example vehicle uses legacy style prim physics, but mesh or higher prim physics work fine as well, but if using mesh or higher prim physics, be sure to give your vehicle adequate mass as only solid/convex hull prims are counting for the physics weight. The best solution is a large root prim, and/or large rounded transparent shield prim.

Catching on walls and other prims is an increased issue at high speed, note the example vehicle has an invisible sphere prim that prevents the sculpt bounding box edges from latching on wall prims.

The knife Engine is no-modify, but all the standard engine customization settings are relocated to the knife's Root Settings and can be set there.

You can use it with Arcade Reverse enabled, but it is really designed to use the skid (turn + back arrow) key combination for hard cornering, and Arcade Reverse doesn't work well for that.

Shifting is E/C or Page Up/Page Down only. KCP Classic shift style is removed from this engine.

CornerFX is enabled by default, as in the example vehicle.

Turbo works well with this in moderation.

Adjusting it to fit your particular build may be tricky and time consuming. You can use the example vehicle for reference when adjusting your steering controls. A vehicle much smaller or larger than the example may be difficult if not impossible to adjust for.

Additional prim gravity is pretty much required to use this. Select your build, choose Edit, then from the Features tab, in the Gravity window, turn it up (be gentle). This is not the same downforce Gravity control in the script. Without an actual prim gravity increase, you may struggle to stay on the track at high speed.

knife, like other mods will work along side other ACS systems like KCPaint, Prim Control, doors, as well as the Driver HUD.

Many racers prefer to go HUD-free, so the Record Position and Return Position functions replace the shifting option in the vehicle menu. Race Align appears under the > Options menu. These functions are normally only found in the Driver HUD. Park+ and Park- will still appear in the menu with the engine off, if multiple Park Animations are installed.

The example vehicle includes the knife Tire Track modified custom particles script in tiny invisible spheres at the bottom of the rear tires for the tire track effect. The front wheels use the Pivoting Texture Wheel script for texture animation, but the regular Pivoting Wheel script will work fine as well.


  • _SP.knife - knife sound set in ACS soundpack format. Already loaded in the knife Settings, this is for use in other vehicles.
  • knife Tire Track Particles - customized Custom Burnout Particles using the Skid & Burnout Tire Track particles (not for root).
  • Engine knife - replace your stock root Engine with this
  • Root Menu knife - replace your stock Root Menu with this
  • Root Settings knife - replace your stick Root Settings with this
  • Root Tools knife - replace your stock Root Tools with this
  • knife Drive - full perm driver animation just in case you need one

You will need your stock v6 Root Sit in the root as well as an animation.

Don't forget to set the permissions on the scripts so they will operate!