Keywords for Prims
  • The vehicle uses keywords in the prim names for certain functions such as headlight and wheels. The keywords can be in any combination.
  • You must reboot the vehicle after renaming prims so that the scripts can detect the new names.
  • Some functions will not appear in the menu (such as headlight) if no keywords are detected for that particular function.

Here's the master list of keywords:

light - Activates the main light system. Makes prims respond to the light on/off switch.
beam - For use with the Beam Prim system for light beams or ground effects
burn - Include in one of your rear wheel components such as tire or rim for triggered skidding and burnout. (See scriptless wheels)
spin - Target omega spinning of your sculpted or regular wheels prims according to velocity. (See scriptless wheels)
hide - Used for the Hide/Show subsytem to make prims appear/disappear.
show - Used for the Hide/Show subsytem to make prims appear/disappear.
panel - Turns full bright on and off with the light system for control panels or just decoration
solid - Sets up solid/convex hull prim parameters for mesh or high prim when used in vehicles with more than 32 prims. Tire and wheel keywords function identically.

The GFX-TC has its own set of keywords as well.

You can use more than one keyword per prim.
Your prim might be named:

Twisted Rim shine2 color1 spin burn