v7 KCPaint (BETA)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

BETA NOTE: The v7 beta does not yet support the external-style KCPaint HUD/Paint Unit.

Set up builder-specified prim faces that the vehicle owner can customize via UUID on no-modify vehicles. Can store multiple textures for each specified prim face that the owner can swap through via menu. Can operate along side other ACS graphics systems such as PaintSystem

Requires the installation/injection of the single v7 KCPaint script in the root. Then use the MCH to specify which prim faces will be assigned to the KCPaint system. After that the user can load their own textures in for display on the specified prim faces.

  • KCPaint was initially designed so that motorcycle owners could have their tank and fender paints customized only on the builder-specified prims on a vehicle that is no-modify. It can be used on any prim face in the linkset.
  • KCPaint is not designed to for texturing every prim on an entire vehicle, but rather a single or small group of prim faces for the vehicle owner to customize such as motorcycle tanks and fenders, logo panels for emergency vehicles, logos for MC's and other clubs, advertising, and custom license plates.
  • KCPaint does have a limited memory, but can store several dozen textures, and each KCPaint prim face can have its own range of textures which the user can add to, remove, or swap through via the menu system.

Upgrading from earlier ACS versions:

v7 KCPaint offers essentially the same functionality as the v5.1 KCPaint (included with v5+ and v6+). v7 KCPaint adds support for individual prim faces as well as single-faced sculpts. v7 KCPaint now only requires a single script in the root, instead of KCPaint scripts in every KCPaint prim.

Updating previously ACS scripted vehicle requires you install v7 KCPaint from scratch and you will lose any previously stored textures in old KCPaint script memory.


  • Install/inject the KCPaint script into the vehicle root.
  • From the MCH menu, choose GRAPHICS MENU and then KCPAINT
  • Choose TOUCH SELECT KCPAINT FACES and then touch prim faces to select them
  • Press RECORD KCPAINT FACES to assign the selected faces.
  • Choose MAIN MENU to exit setup mode so you can touch the vehicle and bring up the menu.

You are all set! KCPaint will now appear in the vehicle menu under >Options, >Graphics.

You can now use the vehicle menu to navigate between KCPaint prims, and load textures via UUID into each prim face's memory either through the Add UUID option, or the Say UUID option. Say UUID puts the vehicle into listen mode so that you can have another person send a texture UUID to the prim face via chat.

Note: Reboot the vehicle after setting up to correctly sync up the different systems.

Other MCH menu options for PaintSystem setup:

  • Show KCPaint Faces: Selects all assigned KCPaint faces in the link set
  • Clear Current Selection: Simply de-selects any flashing selected prim faces
  • Wipe Selected KCPaint Faces: Turns off KCPaint on any selected prim faces
  • Wipe All KCPaint Faces: Clears all KCPaint prim faces assignments from the entire vehicle linkset.

Things to know:

  • KCPaint works fine along with PaintSystem and prim faces can be assigned to both systems. For example, if both KCPaint and PaintSystem are both set up for a motorcycle tank texture, the user can use either system to customize the tank texture.
  • You can make changes to the linkset after installing KCPaint without losing texture memory.
  • KCPaint is mainly designed for vehicles that are no-modify for the vehicle owner. Textures are stored in the KCPaint memory, and cannot be accidentally reset and erased as long as the vehicle is no-modify for the owner.
  • KCPaint gives a free memory reading, and will not allow the user to exceed it's memory (64 textures+). Loaded textures can be individually deleted as well as added by the user.

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