KCPaint v5.1
  • The KCPaint system is an additional graphics customizing option for your vehicle. It can work along side of GFX-TC and KCPaint. It allows a no-modify vehicle to have custom textures applied only to prims pre-determined by the builder.
  • Textures can be added using the transferable KCPaint HUD or simply by saying the UUID of the texture in chat after selecting a target prim. The vehicle owner can use KCPaint to apply the textures to the prims or have somebody else do it for them by giving them a KCPaint HUD.
  • The KCPaint system does not store the actual textures in the vehicle, so they cannot be copied. Once the vehicle is connected to the KCPaint HUD, the wearer can choose one of the KCPaint enabled prims, then transfer graphics to that prim. More than one graphic can be sent to the prim, so the bike owner can scroll through or remove the graphics files.
  • The system is comprised of a single small script to be placed in the specific customizable prims. Most of the time you would likely only want to install it in a bike's fenders and tank, leaving texture change on other prims to be done from the ones you have pre-determined for use on the bike using GFX-TC. The KCPaint system also has a KCPaint HUD. This device is a separate unit from the bike, that the custom textures are loaded into, and then transmitted to the bike. It stores well over 100 textures per unit.


BY CHAT: A target prim is chosen on the vehicle from the selection of builder-enabled prims. The user can then say a graphic UUID in chat which will be stored on that prim and in its memory.
BY KCPaint HUD: Custom textures are read and stored by the KCPaint HUD. A connection is then established between the HUD and the bike. A target prim is chosen on the vehicle, and then the unit is triggered to transmit the texture to the target prim on the bike.

You can mix/match chat installed and HUD installed textures, they are all stored in the prim's memory and can be recalled at any time.


All you need to do is drop in the KCPaint Prim script into one or more prims on the vehicle. The vehicle owner can then choose to use it or not, or remove the scripts from the menu.
It is entirely optional if you want to pre-load graphics or include the transferable KCPaint HUD.


  • Place or inject KCPaint Prim scripts in the prims of the bike you want to respond, such as the tank and fender prims.
  • From the vehicles' > Graphics menu, KCPaint can be chosen and then a KCPaint-enabled prim can be selected.
  • Once a prim selected, use the Say UUID function and then the texture UUID can be said in chat on the given channel.
  • This means you can allow anyone to send the texture UUID to the prim once it is selected for customization. They just need to say a uuid on the channel provided.
  • The owner can use the Remove menu function to wipe KCPaint scripts from a copy of the vehicle once they are finished customizing.


  • Make sure your vehicle's main scripts are running and operational and take a backup before setting up additional optional scripts such as these.
  • Place or inject KCPaint Prim scripts in the prims of the bike you want to respond, such as the tank and fender prims.
  • Put on the KCPaint HUD. It comes empty, so you will want to load it with some paint textures. Press LOAD HUD on the Hud, and then you can drag and drop textures, one at a time from inventory onto the HUD. They must be full permission.
  • Touch your vehicle and go to the > Graphics menu. Choose KCPaint and press connect (or choose KCPaint CONNECT from the Driver HUD). The vehicle will now be waiting to connect to the KCPaint HUD. Press CONNECT TO VEHICLE on the KCPaint HUD.
  • Anyone can connect if the owner sets the vehicle to listen for a connection, so you can transmit paint to vehicle you are not the owner of if they set the vehicle to receive a connection.
  • In order to choose the target prim for texturing, press SELECT PAINT PRIM. The bike will step through the prims with the KCPaint Prim script installed. You should see the prim blinking on and off. When you get to the one you want to paint, press Select Paint Prim on the KCPaint HUD.
  • Now the prim is selected you can choose a texture in the KCPaint Unit and press transmit, the texture will be sent to the chosen prim on the bike. Choose another prim with Next and Choose to select a new target prim. Textures sent to the prim are stored in the prim's memory. Cycle will cycle through the stored textures once a specific prim is chosen. They can also be deleted from the prim's memory using Delete, but only after using Cycle to select a texture for deletion.

Using the regular GFX-TC and/or GFX Presets system will overlay different textures to the scripted KCPaint prims if those prims are set up for texture change, however the textures transmitted to a prim using KCPaint can be recalled from the KCPaint menu at any time after being loaded in by selecting a prim and using Cycle.