Kcp Temp Rezzer Transfer Version

This version of the very basic KCP temp rezzer is transfer, so that you can pass it on to customers, but it will only work with ACS v6 and newer vehicles.

The KCP temp rez support is included already in ACS v6 and newer in the root scripts for use with the normal KCP temp rezzer and the separate KCP bike vendor, so no additional control script need be added to vehicles (and none is included). This rezzer won't work with non-ACS vehicles however.

Basically you set an ACS vehicle to be Temporary, pick it up, and stick it inside the rezzer. The rezzer owner can touch it for the owner menu and adjust the rez position, for anyone else touching it it will rez the vehicle and not give any menu.

Its a simple rezzer and does not keep a vehicle rezzed at all times, and is designed mainly for use with a single vehicle. The advantage of this rezzer is no additional script need be added to any ACS v6 or newer vehicle, including ones already built.

You can place the rezzer script inside your own object, but the rezzer script needs the X and Y rotation of the root prim of the rezzer object both need to be set to 0.

The rezzer objects are full perm, but the script is no modify, so if you rez the rezzer on the ground and pick it up, it will become no modify for the next owner unless you check the modify perm box on it in inventory after picking it back up. Be sure to do this if you want the next owner to have modify permissions on the rezzer (so they can place a vehicle inside it, unless you already have set it up for them with a specific ACS vehicle). You probably want to set the rezzer to no transfer though if you customize it, but as long as any included bikes are no-transfer anyhow, you should be fine.