K Damage (BETA 0.8)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

also see combat

K Damage is technically not part of v7, it is a separate project. It was included with the v7 beta as an example for using the combat key control with a combat system. The K Damage beta is bundled with a v6 engine for use with v6, but when using with v7, use the beta v7 engine and not the v6 one included in the K Damage box.

K_Damage Beta

The system uses a core damage module script to detect collisions between vehicles using the system. Optionally, weapons can be installed and used in conjunction with the K-Damage HUD.

Keep in mind that all behavior and options in the beta are subject to change. Current behaviors are not necessarily the final behaviors and there are many additional options that are not yet in the beta. The beta testing is beginning with a simplified/stripped down set of features to get everything running stable and smoothly before fancier options and extended customization are introduced. Send notecards with your feedback, I will read them all.

The BETA is not for redistribution outside of the beta group, and the ACS TOS applies to all contents.

In order to use the weapons in the beta you must install the 6.04 Engine [kd] in an ACSv6 build. The required functionality in this script will be added to all future ACS stock and mod engines, but for the beta releases you will need to use the provided engine script in place of the stock ACS. You will find the turning/pivoting in place issues that have plagued the ACS for some time have been fixed in this special engine, and allow rotating/strafe firing in position. This turn in place fix will also be applied to subsequent ACS updates as well for regular vehicle use.

No PASSENGER weapons are included in this first beta, only the primary and secondary vehicle driver weapon.

This is only a partially functional early beta, the scoring system is not active

Only VEHICLE damage cores are included in this pack, not ones for static objects, although you can put the module script in an object to give it damage.

A working demo motorcycle with a single driver gun is installed so that you can see where the gun prim is placed (end of barrel) and test how weapons operate. Scripts are included so you can try these in your own vehicles.

There may be issues with lag, this is an early beta and will require a lot of fine tuning.


  • Collide with an opponent to inflict damage.
  • Re-rez a destroyed vehicle to reset its damage.
  • Floating text damage display may or may not remain in the final, but it is active in the beta.


The main script is the [kd] module script. Place this in the vehicle root. This is what enables the damage system and driver weapons control.

The K-Damage HUD can be worn to augment the weapons system and allow firing of secondary weapons, in the beta the only secondary weapon is the bomb/grenade. The K-Damage HUD is an early beta, and not all functions are active. Best to put it on before mounting your vehicle for now.

If you are not using weapons on the vehicle and are just using the damage system for collisions, simply do not install the weapons.

You will need at least two scripted vehicles to try out the beta, although you only need one to use the targets for weapons practice.

Bomb and bullet objects are meant to be dragged directly from inventory into your prim contents.

Gun Prim/Primary Driver Weapon

(an Example Primary Weapon is included that you could link to your vehicle, you will see the small scripted gun prim at one end and the barrel prim itself is just for looks)

The primary driver weapon is one or more fixed guns mounted on the vehicle, an example prim is included to show its orientation. Link this to the end of your weapon and test fire it to make sure it is facing the right direction, set it to transparent. When linked with the vehicle at zero rotation, this prim should be oriented at 0,90,0.

Inside this prim is placed:

script: [kd] gun prim
object: [kd] bullet

You can change the sound by adding a sound file to the gun prim. (The particles/effects WILL be customizable, just not in this beta.)

You can add more than one gun prim, and then more than one gun will fire, but each weapon fired will count down your ammo level.

FIRING THE PRIMARY DRIVER WEAPON (try it out on the included demo bike)

Firing the primary weapon can be done with any of these key combination (all the same control interface settings):

Back Arrow + C
Back Arrow + PageDown
S + C
S + PageDown

Also, left mouse button (not in mouselook mode)
Or clicking on the ammo/bullet icon on the K-Damage HUD

In ACS almost all other key combinations are already assigned to functions, so classic KCP shifting style is recommended, but the key controls for firing will work with either shifting style.


The secondary weapon is the bomb/grenade. (More weapon classes to be added). Place the [kd] bomb object inside the vehicle, then you will be able to deploy these by pressing the bomb/grenade icon on the K-Damage HUD. A few seconds after it is dropped it will explode and cause damage to anything within the core blast range.


Rez some of the [kd] Target Rezzers on the ground. Within a few moments they will rez some tewmporary practice targets, use your weapons to destroy the targets. The rezzer will regenerate more targets after a few seconds. A good way to practice firing your primary driver weapon.


  • These will rez refills for ammunition, bombs, and power level. Only one of each kind can be active within a 96 meter range. You can place these next to each other, but only one of each type within 96 meters.

Yes, there will be a special timed pit-power up for racing/derby, but it is not ready for the beta.

Simply collide with the rezzed objects on your vehicle to top your levels up to the max allowed.


Beta versions will probably not work with the final versions, beta versions are not designed for resale vehicles and may be no transfer for this reason, so that no buggy or broken versions get out into the wild

Do drop bombs from flight mode