GFX Presets v5.1

GFX Presets only works on single face (sculpted) prims and tops out around 32 links. Not recommended for modern/large/mesh builds

This new GFX Presets add-on script allows you to record up to five graphics configuration presets for your vehicle, with certain limitations.

  • You can change some or all of the textures (including offsets, repeats, and rotation), color tint, and shine levels.
  • The vehicle owner can then recall these as a preset setting through the vehicle Graphics menu if any are installed.
  • You could for example record the stock appearance of the vehicle in the first preset, and additional variation with some or all graphics changed in the other presets.
  • If the vehicle owner is able to do any further customization, via KCPaint or GFX-TC, or even if they have modify rights, they can still recall the stored graphics presets.
  • The vehicle owner can choose to delete these additional scripts at any time from the vehicle menu.


1. Back up your prized vehicle before you experiment

2. Drop in at least one copy of the GFX Presets script. For each preset stored (up to five) you need to add another copy of the script to the vehicle. Later you can go back and edit as well as add more presets, so it is fine to start with just a couple. One you will need at least for the vehicle's stock appearance.

3. The GFX Preset script automatically records the current vehicle configuration when you drop it in. Changes you make later will not be recorded until you specifically re-record the preset with the Preset Recording Tool. After adding a copy of the GFX Presets script, you can change the vehicle appearance and drop in another one. Now both will appear in your >Graphics, Presets menu in the vehicle menu. In any case, with one or more GFX Presets scripts in the vehicle, you can drop in the setup tool and it will give you options to Record or Recall presets for each copy of the script that is in the vehicle (up to 5). So if you needed to change Preset 2 later, you could Recall it with the Preset Recording Tool, make the changes, and re-record it.

4. Recall your presets from the vehicle owner menu under > Options, >Graphics, Presets.

You do not always NEED to use the Preset Recording Tool, but it does give you extra control.

GFX Presets script is not injectable from the Mechanic HUD, as injection automatically replaces the existing script and you need to be able to add multiple copies.

More Information

There are limits to the data GFX Presets can and will record, and there are memory limitation reasons for why. Storing data for every prim on a vehicle consumes quite a bit of memory, so this records only certain parameters in order to be able to store data for an average sized vehicle.

GFX Presets records colors, shine levels, alpha levels (transparency) and textures (with repeats, offsets and rotation for textures) for all prims - but only for prim face 0. Sculpted prims have only face 0.
(Non sculpted prims have multiple faces and textures and require a large amount of memory to record). It's fine to have non-sculpted prims in the build, but if you alter them for different presets, they will only record changes on face zero.) This particular script is really designed for changing the textures, colors, and shine levels for the sculpted prims in your build. You don't need to change the whole vehicle, it could be simply used to swap out tank paints or license plates but it CAN re-texture/tint/adjust shine on every prim in the vehicle if you so desire.

It is designed for the vehicle builder to record these presets, not the vehicle owner. Because it records texture UUID's, you must have the textures full permission in your inventory, or it cannot record them. The vehicle owner can recall the data once you have stored it, and they will not have access to the texture uuid's.

It is recommended you use this script on vehicles less than approximately 60 prims, or you may run out of storage memory.

You can use this along side any combination of the other KCPaint or GFX-TC . If the vehicle owner recalls a preset, then any data they have changed will be over-written by the preset, though they can recall any stored KCPaint prim graphics, or reload any GFX-TC graphics, color and shine settings after the preset is loaded.

It does not record light or glow data, or prim bump data.

You can link/unlink prims to your vehicle even after recording presets. Prims linked into the vehicle after presets are recorded will store their state as when linked in, though you can always recall, adjust the newly added prim, and re-record existing presets.

Prims set to invisible in HIDE/SHOW mode will be recorded at their currently displayed transparency/alpha level, so your HIDE/SHOW mode keyword function, if activated, may be out of sync until the next time it is triggered from the menu.

Concerned about adding extra scripts? The vehicle owner can choose to wipe the GFX Preset scripts from that copy of the vehicle from the vehicle menu. This is to lower the script count on the vehicle. They can always re-rez an original copy of the vehicle with the presets intact if need be.

You can simply install one single preset if you like, so that the vehicle owner can recover the stock appearance if they make changes in color/shine/textures using the other graphics systems. Just drop in one *GFX Presets* script after you are done building, as it will record the state of the vehicle automatically.

The reason the owner cannot record their own presets (unless it is yourself) is that they likely do not possess all the vehicle textures full permission in their inventory, especially including textures installed by third party via KCPaint on KCPaint activated prims. This is a UUID protection system in place by SL.